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There-s a robot in my chat

We introduce Martin Frascaroli’s interview, published in the May edition of Forbes. This transcript shows the entrepreneurial spirit of our CEO, who wants to revolutionize customers with solutions that mix technology, linguistics and marketing. With presence in Brazil and customers … Continue reading

The Social Media impact on Customer Service

Forbes published an article about the importance of social media in customer service. We share a brief summary for interested people. Social networks are no longer just digital marketing tool. Today they are one of the main contact channel, crucial … Continue reading

We-ve landed on Brazil!

Aivo is experimenting an important global expansion, as we-ve arrived to one of the most important and strategic customer service markets of Latin America. Thanks to our new partnership to DirectTalk, Brazil has welcomed us with open arms and, with … Continue reading

EduChat wins a Gold FIP award

On November 30th, Aivo and the Ministry of Health of the Province of Córdoba were honored with the Golden FIP Award in the -Best Innovative Interactive Campaign- category, as a result of -Edu-, a never-before-seen communication campaign aimed to create … Continue reading

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