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Provide 24/7 service instantly and through all channels. Incorporate Conversational AI to increase your sales on key dates.

The bot presents the user with the offer on cell phones for Black Friday

1. Start the master move

The conversations started with the people reaching your site will be the kick-off for more sales. Implementing a solution with Conversational AI will allow you to provide around-the-clock support through all channels, chat in real time and make custom suggestions.

The bot can solve a large number of queries

2. Get ready to attack on all fronts

Your virtual assistant will be able to answer an unlimited number of inquiries immediately, 24/7, and without overwhelming your team. The result? More satisfied customers and many, many, more sales.

Conversational AI allows personalized attention across all channels

3. Play in all positions

Your social media or messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, are as important as your web chat. Serving your customers through their preferred channels is the ideal move to close more leads.

The bot can offer the user other products, promoting the purchase

4. Your bot as the captain of your team

Apart from attracting leads, chatting with them and taking part in your nurturing strategy, your bot can also be a great seller. It will be able to perform custom suggestions and lead the user throughout the process, as well as apply up-selling and crossselling strategies.

The bot is part of the after-sales service and sends notifications to the customer with the order status

5. Pay attention to the final mile

The experience doesn't end when the customer clicks the purchase button. Use Conversational AI to notify the status of the orders or to immediately answer inquiries about rebates. Satisfied customers = customers who buy again.

What you need to know to win

How can Conversational Artificial Intelligence technologies help us turn visitors into leads, sell more and manage the post-sales service successfully?

Find it out with our specialists:

Winning teams: With our Conversational AI in action

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A strategic move in the right moment

TAG Livros received thousands of inquiries in their anniversary month. Automating the service helped them reach:


of retention




World-champion results

Iana, Havaianas' conversational bot, is a great example of how to manage conversations at large scale:



sessions per month






of retention

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