February 2, 2018

Artificial Intelligence to Solve Student Needs: A Virtual Assistant at the University

Mass-communication and people’s new ways of living have brought new challenges to educational institutions and the use of artificial intelligence for student support offers an efficient alternative for interacting with students through virtual assistants or chatbots.

We spoke to León Molina, General Director of Marketing and Communications at Universidad Siglo 21, a university in Argentina that added AgentBot to its student support strategy for a fast, personalized, and omnichannel support experience that is available 24/7.

1. What kind of experience does the University seek to have with its students?

We want to provide each student with the most personalized experience possible. We prioritize student support because we want to provide them with a model adapted to their lifestyles. We do this through technologies that make the university available, and therefore students can reach out to the university anytime and anywhere.

2. Why did you choose to apply artificial intelligence to your student support service?

We decided to incorporate artificial intelligence technologies to be able to seamlessly reach more than 50 thousand students and make support accessible to everyone. The incorporation of bots allows us to be there when the student needs us without losing the warmth and efficiency that they expect.

The results achieved with AgentBot show how the use of artificial intelligence in student support with a virtual assistant is transforming the way educational institutions interact with their students.

If you are interested in applying a virtual assistant to your student support, talk to an experienced customer care specialist. See the full interview about Universidad Siglo 21 here.

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