August 4, 2020

Product News: Major launches from the first half of 2020

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This year is THE year for automated customer service.

Obviously, automation has been helping companies improve their service experience for a while now.

But in the last 6 months, digital solutions have become an essential resource for maintaining service continuity and guaranteeing communication.

Even though we can’t exactly predict the future, we know times of accelerated digital transformation and instantaneous omnichannel support are coming.

Today we’ll tell you about our major launches from the first half of 2020 so you can see the products up close and discover how they can help with your strategy.

Listen to your customers and improve: Satisfaction Survey on every channel

We get this question a lot during our webinars: “What's the most important advice for improving CX?”

Listen to the customer, understand their needs, and focus the support strategy on them.

To create these spaces for feedback, Aivo’s bot with conversational AI allows you to activate satisfaction surveys across all channels. So besides having them on your website’s bot, you can also add them to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

This way, your customers can share their feedback and leave comments and suggestions about their experience. This is valuable information to detect key insights to improve CX.

It's set up and activated directly from the platform so you don't need to get a tech expert involved.

From the Channel Manager, select the channel where you want to place it, write the messages customers will see, and choose a type of rating: stars, NPS, or binary. Other options, like CSAT, will be available soon.

But it doesn't end with just getting a bunch of opinions. It’s also important to analyze the reports you'll find in Analytics.

You'll see dynamic graphs in the Satisfaction section and, in the Chat Report, you'll be able to look more closely at the comments shared in each of the conversations. This way, you'll gather key insights to improve content.

Customize your reports: Live Analytics Open API

It’s true that a lot of times instinct alone leads us down the right path. But when it comes to strengthening customer service strategies, we also need to base things on solid data.

With the Live Analytics API, you can go over the platform metrics to create reports tailored to your strategy.

These reports are so important when it comes to analyzing your bot’s performance and finding ways to improve. They also allow you to detect patterns and trends, like days and times with the most interactions, or average support time. 

Based on our experience, there are two main tips you should consider when analyzing reports:

  • Define the data you'll measure. Even though most of us would love to be able to know everything, the reality is that sometimes, if you have to cover a lot, you can also end up losing essential information. First, identify what will be important and focus on that.
  • How do you define what’s important? Think of your strategy as your compass. The data that'll form part of your reports should be in line with your customer service goals.

Create a Help Center quickly and how you want it:  Help Content API

Self-service support is crucial when it comes to enhancing customer service. It empowers people by giving them the chance to search on their own for the information they need, resolving questions without the call center hassle.

This type of strategy can include different service channels. Further ahead we'll talk about omnichannel solutions, but here there’s only one main player: microsites or knowledge bases.

On Aivo’s platform, you can create a Help Center from the Channel Manager and add articles from the Knowledge section.

But for those companies who'd rather create their Help Center externally, they can use the content they've already uploaded on the platform.

Help’s API development offers precisely that possibility: to consume the bot’s questions conditioned for this channel through HTTP REST.

This way, for example, you can create your own Help applications, recover tags, article search, or list frequent articles.

Connect directly and without any go-betweens: Native WhatsApp

With the pandemic, the use of messaging apps has increased globally. For instance, people between 18 and 35 years old use WhatsApp up to 40% more.

This is why it’s important that businesses offer customer service on the channels their clients use, especially when sometimes it’s the only way to communicate.

In this situation, an automated and omnichannel customer service strategy is key to offering the same service quality when and where your customers want it.

The development of native WhatsApp lets businesses automate this channel by eliminating intermediaries and allowing a direct connection between WhatsApp and the solutions.

That said, keep in mind that it’s only available for businesses that have the WhatsApp Business API.

Through this integration, the bot can chat with your customers utilizing buttons, links, images, assisted navigation, PDF, emojis, and forms.If necessary, it can also transfer to human operators who use Genesys, Zendesk Chat, or Live.

With Genesys and Live, the conversation will continue in the same WhatsApp window. On the other hand, if you use integrations like Zendesk Chat, the transfer will be made through a URL that directs your customer to the Zendesk platform.

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Improve user experience and strengthen security: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Do you know what is like to enter a different username and password each time you sign on to an app? Yes, we do too.

Remembering all your passwords is a pain, especially if you don’t use a password management tool or have a trusty handwritten list stashed somewhere. This usually leads to errors in signing on, loss of time, and a not-so-good user experience.

Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies and strengthens platform access by requiring a single log-in point and set of credentials.

That’s why we've also incorporated SSO for the platform. You can sign on to through different protocols, like SAML, and through different identity providers, such as ADFS, Azure Active Directory Native, Google G Suite, Microsoft Account, Amazon Web Services, among many others.

These are the benefits of SSO:

  • Boosts productivity: people can more quickly access email servers, platforms, web applications, SaaS, etc. It’s also good news for your IT department, which won’t have to manage password recovery as much.
  • Improves user experience: with a click you can quickly sign on to digital tools.
  • Strengthens security: by eliminating the different times that you sign on with your credentials, you decrease the potential for cyberattacks.

 Improvements in Genesys Cloud integration

Sometimes there are conversations that have to be handled by human operators.

Aivo offers native integration with Genesys for businesses that use this live chat provider so they can automate frequently-asked questions. If necessary, it seamlessly transfers the session to an agent. 

As a Genesys partner, we continue working together to offer better support. These are the main developments from the past few months:

  • Skills: improves transfer routing by allowing creation of a skills list for each agent. This way, you can better determine who should support each customer. For example, Mark is an operator with tech support skills. This means he's an expert in handling these types of questions. When a conversation with these characteristics enters Genesys Cloud, it'll be preemptively transferred to him.
  • Multiple queues: on one hand, with this development you can have one queue per transfer. This means that two questions from the bot can transfer to two different queues in Genesys Cloud. On the other hand, it also introduced dynamic queues. Instead of being preloaded in the intention, the service establishes which queue the session should be directed to at the time of the transfer. 

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We hope these launches and tips help you improve your service and enhance your customers’ experience.

If you're not a customer and you'd like to learn more about the products, you can schedule a call with our representatives.

Are you looking for new ways to improve your CX?

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