November 22, 2017

WhatsApp Business: How can you prepare your business to use it?

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What is the goal?

The purpose of using WhatsApp Business is to use the platform as a simpler way to reach your customers automatically, keeping in constant communication.

How does adding it to your strategy impact your business?

WhatsApp Business is an opportunity for your company to take a giant leap toward interactive business operations with your customers by utilizing the messaging channel they use the most. Accessing this new channel also comes with new, automated service: it simplifies the customer’s ability to manage on their own, thus leading to a limited need for customer support, reducing operating costs and increasing satisfaction and sales.

What do you need to know to implement WhatsApp Business it successfully?

For the service to be successful, meeting customer needs must be done naturally. Understanding the real intention and what the user wants, delivering instantaneous solutions that involve knowledge of product or services, along with information from the customer to be able to resolve their issues or perform actions such as checking their balance, activating a product, or speaking with a representative if they need to. All of this should happen in one place, simplifying user operation in one single interaction window.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when you consider using WhatsApp Business as a new customer support channel:

Omni-channel user experience:

You can give the same interactive experience across all channels in a uniform way (Web, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apps, etc.). Avoid creating an experience that is different than those you already have already implemented in other channels just for WhatsApp. That would require more effort on your part in maintaining multiple platforms, and it might cause your customer to receive different versions of the same response or solution.

Responses with a “Generation Y” outlook:

Think of empathetic responses and use all of the resources available on the channel, such as multimedia messaging, voice messaging, image carousels, emojis and more. Don’t present your information using only plain text.

Voice Interaction

More and more often, users communicate with voice messages as a complement to traditional text messages. It's simple, and it saves them time. Ensure that your company has platforms capable of interpreting and answering voice messages, so the users that opt for this method aren't left without answers.

Transparent integration with a human customer support agent:

If you are going to complement your automated customer support with human chat for certain topics, it is very important that you integrate WhatsApp Business with your chat platform transparently. That is to say, ensure that the customer support tool controls the conversation and can change from automatic service to manual service (BOT-HUMAN-BOT), without requiring the customer to take any additional steps, like opening a pop-up. It is also important that your human agent receives the previous conversation from the virtual assistant or chatbot and the user’s information.

Improvement and evolution in real-time:

It is important for the customer support platform to have real-time improvement reports (machine learning), to allow for the identification of improvement opportunities in the service. That way, you can make developments in the service quality without needing a technology or language specialist, and each improvement you make is reflected in real-time.

Provide information or a solution NOW:

Make sure you can integrate your business apps and IT systems to be able to truly meet the needs of your customers at any given time. Provide your customers with information about their account, services, a pending account charge, or the ability to activate a product, all without needing to leave WhatsApp. Your customers want to solve their problem, not learn how to use new platforms, or have to install individual applications for one need. Remember that putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, the knowledge that you share from your company, and the actions you take in relation to what you deliver to your customers in each message, are all key factors that you must consider in your strategy. Therefore, a tip to consider is: take advice from customer support specialists.

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