Changes in consumption habits call for innovative sales strategies. And when it comes to innovation, the automotive industry is ahead of the curve. Discover how General Motors boosts sales in their website using artificial intelligence.

It all started with a decision

For over 100 years, General Motors (GM) has been turning cutting-edge technology into vehicles for everyone. When promoting its commercial strategy for Chevrolet, the company had specific objectives: to optimize customer service and increase sales.
How to reach them? Choosing AI-powered digital solutions.
To launch this project, the company trusted Aivo. In 2015 the company decided to add a conversational AI chatbot in order to create a new, effective, and easy-to-access sales channel that would improve web conversion performance in multiple countries.
Ana Cristina Merlo, South America West Digital Marketing Coordinator at General Motors, comments that innovation was a priority when incorporating a new solution. “Aivo offers different solutions and is constantly pursuing innovation. This is why they've turned into a regional provider and one of GM’s most important digital tools.”

Chasing clear goals

Increasing sales and improving customer service were only the initial kick in this digitization process. Along with these general objectives, GM set a series of goals that would mark the horizon of the strategy.
  • Be at the forefront in access, ease of use and innovation.
  • Create sales opportunities for Chevrolet vehicles.
  • Increase customer engagement and sales within the website.
  • Open a dialogue channel for intuitive and friendly interactions.

"At General Motors we meet strict requirements in terms of service, experience, support, strength of the technical proposal and agility of the response, and Aivo surpassed the offers of its competitors."

Ana Cristina Merlo | South America West Digital Marketing Coordinator at General Motors.

Chevy: an efficient, decisive and selling bot

What's the first thing you notice in a chatbot? Its personality.
The General Motors team knows it. With that in mind, they created Chevy, their chatbot with conversational AI. This character welcomes visitors to the website and invites them to chat.
The bot is available for regional use. However, dealerships have developed variations of it, adapting its identity to suit their own strategies.
If you want to chat with Chevy, you can find it on GM websites in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Peru, and at 9 dealerships in Ecuador and 18 in Colombia.
Thanks to this outreach, the company has a dialogue channel that lets customers from the entire region obtain answers, have a better understanding of the brand’s products and eventually guide their purchase decision.
But far from being a regular bot, Chevy is trained to increase leads generation through the quote form.
How does it work? When someone becomes interested in a product, the bot recognizes the purchase intention and shows them the form. The prospect writes their info, which is automatically sent to the CRM and assigned to the appropriate department.

Setting up Chevy

Given the magnitude of the project, onboarding the General Motors bots meant complex teamwork. Different Aivo teams were assigned according to region. That’s how in 2015, the first GM virtual assistant was launched: the Ecuador bot.
This first chatbot kicked off the subsequent versions of Chevy. Since it was such a snap to replicate and adapt questions and answers for different countries, the Colombia bot, for example, could be launched in just 2 days.
What's more, Onboarding sought to create the best content to get informative, problem-solving bots that enhance customer experience. This way, they optimized the company’s creative resources by using available complements like carousels and buttons on the bot’s management platform.
Once implementation wrapped up, the same team followed up on all bots for a perfectly consistent and coordinated operation.

A more than expected outcome

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

There are only seconds between buying and not buying. Consumers visit more than one website at a time. With no second chances, being a step ahead and standing out is key. Especially if we are talking about big investments, you really have to make a difference.
Thanks to the AI bot, General Motors makes answering frequent questions easier and improves the attention. Now they get automatic answers to their questions without having to call or go to a dealer.
In this way, GM positions itself as a leader in innovation, accessibility and ease of use, thus increasing engagement and sales on their website.

Increase in Lead Generation and Sales

By automating operational processes, General Motors now supplements and strengthens its customer service and sales. Outcomes show the company managed to increase lead generation and improve online conversion.
This means only one thing: more car sales opportunities per month.

“The virtual assistant works really well and delivers results. Plus, we’re supported by Aivo’s excellent team that comes alongside their customers and provides practical and effective solutions”

Ana Cristina Merlo | South America West Digital Marketing Coordinator at General Motors.

Future vision: more channels, more humanization

The projects for Chevy are not over yet. GM is planning on widening coverage to other digital channels to keep expanding its digital strategy implemented in the Mercosur region.
Additionally, they want the tool to evolve to be more intuitive and interactive.
All in all, the goal is that the chatbot becomes a true virtual salesperson. The company also wants customers to feel like chatting with a bot is just like talking to a human.

What does GM value most from Aivo?

  • Boosting sales strategy
  • Creation of real business opportunities
  • Practical, effective and customized solutions for their customers
  • Excellent support
  • Development of innovative practices
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot

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