CX Leaders LATAM 2020

The ultimate ranking of CX leaders in Latin America. 
Will you help us find the people who add value to customer experience?

In a global and competitive market, customer experience is quickly becoming the main way to differentiate a brand. Who is redefining CX standards in the region? And what's their contribution to the industry?

To answer these questions, we're looking for role models that inspire and add value to the Customer Experience community in Latin America. Will you help us find them?

Who is a CX leader?

This is someone whose industry track record makes them an expert. Someone who shares their knowledge with the community and inspires their colleagues to innovate. A voice to turn to in times of change. Someone who, over the last few years, has brought a unique and authentic perspective to their CX projects.

So... how are we going to calculate the ranking? Based on a score system that will consider:


How many followers do they have on LinkedIn? How many people do they reach with their content?


How many years of experience do they have in the industry? Were any of their projects or initiatives acknowledged by the community?


Do they participate in events? Do they post content on their social networks? Is the community talking about their projects?


The community decides! Both the public and the jury will give extra points to the ones who, in their opinion, stand out in the industry.

Download the terms and conditions to find out more about the selection criteria.

Stages of Latam 2020 CX Leaders

1. Nomination

09/01 to 09/11

You can nominate all of the leaders that you want through the nomination form. You don't need to nominate the same person more than once. Just complete all required fields, including the nominee's LinkedIn profile - that's enough!

2. Preselection

09/14 to 09/18

This is when all information received during the nomination stage will be collected. Once the final list has been drawn up, the nominees will be notified and voting will begin.

3. Voting

09/21 to 10/02

Time to vote! Everyone's invited to support their preferred leaders.

The jury will also be part of the voting. In this phase, they'll have 10 points each to distribute among the nominees. Want to know more about who's part of the jury?

4. Publication of the ranking


The ranking will be prepared based on a score system that includes the public's vote and the jury's picks, as well as other parameters related to their contribution and presence in the CX community.


Along with members of the public, jury members will have to vote for their favorite leaders based on the criteria mentioned above.

Luciana Della Croce, Chief Digital Officer, Grupo Petersen.

Luciana Della Croce

Chief Digital Officer, Grupo Petersen.


Position and Company


Position and Company

Martín Frascaroli, CEO y Founder de Aivo

Martín Frascaroli

CEO y Founder de Aivo


Position and Company


Position and Company