For the second year in a row, AgentBot has received the Intelligent Assistant Award. The winner this time was Moni, AgentBot’s virtual assistant for the financial digital platform from Argentina. Moni was recognized for implementing Innovative Natural Language Technologies for Customer Care, representing an Artificial Intelligence solution for client self-service.

Opus Research presented the award at the last edition of the Intelligent Assistants Conference in San Francisco, CaliforniaMoni, was one of the three companies that received an award for having achieved demonstrable added value for the company, providing a superior customer experience, and for being an innovative use case.


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More about the IAC:

The IAC is an unique event where executives responsible for customer experience and self-service efficiency can learn and share experiences with natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics providers.

Intelligent Assistants (IAs) are redefining digital commerce and customer care.  Today companies are introducing intelligent assistants to provide an engaging customer experience through the use of natural language understanding, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The groundbreaking Intelligent Assistants Conference series began in 2014. It has featured case studies and executives from Fortune 500 companies showcasing efforts to improve customer experience, mobile apps, e-commerce, self-service efficiency, chatbots and conversational commerce.

It’s an amazing experience to be part of this bright future of intelligent assistance. We are already preparing for next year—we hope you can join us!

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