Our engine is what allows us to interact naturally with users, providing an experience similar to that of a human relationship.

Innovation in the language understanding engine goes beyond finding new ideas to ¨understand¨ the users concerns. This means choosing from the universe of improvements those which actually have a big impact on the user experience

Some of the new features are:

  • Meaning categorization: Prioritizes parts of the sentence which are more important and more relevant to interpreting the question.

  • Product Differentiation: Selects the client´s products and/or services and gives them more importance when compared to the other words.

  • Density of meaning: Recognizes those sentences which have higher ranked meanings and more overlap with the words and products in the knowledge base.

  • Distance between the most important words: Detects the most important words in the sentence and brings them closer together in order to create a better understanding of the meaning.

  • Discards less important words:  After bringing together the keywords and detecting their importance for categorization, it discards any word that isn´t relevant.

We believe you will get an immediate improvement with this new engine and your users will have excellent support experiences.

We continue to evolve!

Thanks for accompanying us!

AgentBot Team!


Source: Blog AgentBot