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Omnichannel chat solution for agents with Artificial Intelligence


Web/web mobile

Natural dialogue understanding

Base of Equivalent Meanings

AgentBot prioritizes products and services and detects keywords to give precise answers. It includes categories of relevance: products, services, places, activities, objects, emotions and more.

Conversation management


Manage your chat window on the website according to your needs, without any technical skills: setup, messages, schedules, look and feel, etc.

Experience complements


Live provides feedback at the end of each conversation.

Recognition and voice interaction

Live recognizes, understands and interacts with voice in Facebook Messenger.

Customer information

It shows all the information obtained from the customer for a better problem identification.


They will be automatically converted so that the user can access the link when they click on it.

PDF files

Send and receive PDF documents to complement the answers.


Create templated answers for agents to optimize the attention time and keep the same communication for certain topics.

Conversations sent by mail

Agents can send conversations to customers by email for a better traceability of the offered support.


Set up triggers that send messages. Automatically close a conversation due to the customer’s inactivity.

Start making your customers happy

Start making your customers happy

Artificial Intelligence


Support your customers in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Automatic suggestions Learning

Live stores the best suggestions, based on the responses of your agents, to solve frequent queries more efficiently.

Reports & Analytics

Monitor key numbers

Monitor key numbers in real time and download the information for decision making.


Conversations held, closed, transferred and lost. Select periods, channels and attention groups. Conversations on hold are also shown in order to manage overflows of attention.

Customer Feedback

Ratings obtained for each conversation so you are always aware of the quality of service.

Customer Demand

Find out hours and days of greater customer demand.

Chat report

Track all the conversations that were made in a full history report. Cross-analyze the information. Download the data in CSV format.

Downloadable reports

Download the content of your reports in a spreadsheet.

Infrastructure and Security

Audit Logs

Complete records that allow you to see the amount of movements made in the administration platform, identifying executors and managers.


SLA 99.9% and public access here:


Full security on Amazon. We are certified in ISO 27000 and successfully passed SSAE 16 audits. For more information go to:

User Management

User Manager

Manage the users to monitor your agents and the overall service.

Agents’ performance

Visualize your agents’ conversations in real time. Track their productivity and identify improvements. Get access to a pause report, which allows you to identify the times of attention and rest or training of your agents.

Attention groups

Group your agents by topics or queries. Differentiate attention in a more personalized way.


Set up an SLA to each attention group. These metrics help you make decisions in cases of overflows or groups that have longer waiting times.

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