The design of the experience,
100% in your hands

Define the strategy from start to finish, easily and intuitively managing customer service content without technical know-how.

Master the art of CX

Stop relying on IT or linguistics specialists to manage the content of your conversations. Quickly add intents and answers. Aivo's conversational AI makes it possible to understand questions through different ways to ask. Test content and publish with just a click.

Express content

Do you have content ready? Upload it to the platform and start right away. You can easily import it from an Excel document or Zendesk Guide. You can also download content packs from the Marketplace for special occasions like Christmas and Black Friday.

“The experience was excellent, and the implementation and the way we learned to use the tool were quick and simple.”

Gustavo Volonterio  -  Head of Contact Center, ADT

Guide your users

Build conversation flows without needing tech specialists.
Create nodes from the platform, view complete diagrams and easily edit any changes so your customers can always find the information they need.

Conversations 2.0

Enrich the experience and let your customers self-manage with videos, images, buttons, flows, forms, assisted navigation and maps. You can also create conditions for an agent transfer.

All changes with just a click

Connect your service to web channels, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Simply edit each answer and publish the changes all at once with just a click.

Connect with industry leaders

Quickly and easily integrate live chats like Genesys and Zendesk Chat, support tools such as Zendesk Support or any Salesforce department.

Simple and powerful training

With the Training tool, you'll be able to view any unanswered questions and add them to your knowledge base. Quickly adjust content and post changes in real time, without interrupting service.

We’ve got your back

Our onboarding team is there to help you at all times. Once things get going, we offer 24/7 support with an account manager and a team dedicated to meeting every need, while helping your company continue to grow.

Other features

History of changes

Access the history of changes and the users who made them.

Intent maturity cycle

Check the intent's status to see if it needs to be posted, reviewed, or deactivated.


Offer quick answers to your customers' frequently asked questions. Choose frequently asked questions on certain topics or for special occasions and give them prominence so they're always at hand.