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Omnichannel solution for service companies

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Synchronous and asynchronous 24/7 customer service

The age of long lines in branch locations is a past thing. Your customers expect you to support them seamlessly across all channels at any time of the day. Our conversational artificial intelligence allows you to be on top of their needs and create natural and modern interactions.

A person makes a query and the bot sends an iframe with the medical card
A patient forgets their turn and the bot reminds them

Send notices and alerts to your customers with conversational AI

Be ahead of the questions and prevent friction. Send service intermittence reports, rate changes, or billing notices, and avoid congested phone lines.

WhatsApp, a key part of your CX strategy

Surely, you already know that WhatsApp is one of your users’ preferred channels. It’s also one of your greatest allies for chatting with them in real time. Our conversational bot allows you to create personalized content and understand errors, regionalisms, and informal language.

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The bot sends an alert to the patient to remind them of their medical appointment
The Aivo bot responds to a query from a user on WhatsApp or on the website.

Continuously improve your Customer Service

Keeping your customers’ feedback in mind is essential for providing an optimal experience. Conduct satisfaction surveys, analyze chat records, and find out your customers’ most noticeable issues.

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Phone support enhanced with Artificial Intelligence

Develop and improve your customers’ experience by adding conversational AI to phone service. Voice allows you to keep conversations open in real time, listening actively and with high accuracy.
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Guide people in finding what they’re looking for

Information must always be available in order to easily resolve questions through self-management. With our Help, informative queries, incidence reports, or service problems can be resolved quickly and intuitively, adapting answers to each need.

Your success is our success

You can count on our specialized support team not only for your company’s needs, but for your customers’ needs, too.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way: for the onboarding process, during implementation and in the growth stage, always ready to help with your customer service strategies.