The post-coronavirus customer experience

In this whitepaper we will explore which elements CX leaders need to take into account to define and execute a strategy that helps them navigate the rest of 2020 and tackle the new decade effectively.

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The new reality for companies

The expansion of Covid-19 has impacted the way we live, work, and do business around the world. Customer priorities and expectations have not been the exception, and customer service strategy must also be redefined accordingly.

How has the client changed in the face of the pandemic? What initiatives are companies taking to ensure service continuity?

What will be covered?

A summary of the main milestones that defined the last decade and how these have changed the behavior and expectations of pre-covid customers.

An in-depth analysis of how clients have changed during the emergency.

Tactics that companies are adopting to support their clients in the short term.

Lessons and trends resulting from the new isolation economy.

Recommendations and insights to redefine the post-coronavirus CX strategy and generate positive long-term changes.

Perceptions and opinions of large companies and thought leaders in the CX industry on the trends that will mark this decade.

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