Automate your
e-commerce customer service and increase sales

Instantly answer customers’ queries on your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, and improve your online sales.

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Leading companies are creating conversational
customer experiences with Aivo 

Conversational AI for e-commerce

Queries resolution 24/7

Answer questions instantly about products, services and store location.   

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User management 

Help customers create shopping accounts, reset passwords and update their profile information.

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Lead generation

Automate the generation of new sales opportunities across your digital channels.  

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Sales evolution 

Make personalized recommendations and highlight your products and services.

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After sales care 

Offer information about shipping status, simplify returns requests and evaluate customer satisfaction.

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Queries resolution 24/7

Self-service customer experience in all channels 

Solve queries on your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, and automatically adapt the experience to the capabilities of each channel.

Locate nearby branches

Offer product catalog

Provide online support


An efficient assistant for your customers

Help your customers manage their accounts and profile information in a practical way and from any digital communication channel. 

Create new users on your website

Reset their passwords

Update contact information, billing and shipping address

Locate purchase history and send invoices


A lead generation machine

Request the contact information of your potential clients, qualify leads through conversational flows, and send them automatically to your CRM. 

Transform strangers into customers across all digital channels

Schedule meetings and product demos


Your ecommerce’s automated salesperson

Automate products and services communication, boost upselling and cross-selling, and close more deals.

Offer special discounts

Notify customers of a product restock

Proactively communicate launches on WhatsApp

Use web ads to highlight news

Activate the start button and grab attention

Suggest products based on prior interactions

Manage the shopping cart from WhatsApp

After sales care

Conversational after-sales service 

Guide your customers throughout the purchase process. Integrate your platforms with Aivo’s solution and provide instant solutions.

Track an order 

Update the shipping status proactively

Offer real-time or asynchronous automated technical support

Streamline product return

Request customer feedback and detect opportunities for improvement 

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