Boost your online sales with conversational AI

A lead-generating machine

With our solution, you can get potential customer contact info, rate them through conversation flows and automatically transfer them to your CRM.

"Through the bot, we generate leads using a quote form. The data is sent to the CRM and it's assigned to the appropriate dealership. The goal is to handle interested users the best possible way and in real time."

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Ana Merlo Almeida

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Your strategy’s automated salesperson

Your conversational bot can also be a great salesperson! It can provide customized suggestions, apply up-selling and cross-selling techniques and guide your customers within your website so they can instantly find exactly what they're looking for, 24/7. This way, you’ll be there for the user throughout the process to help make the sale.

Always by your customers’ side

Communication with customers doesn’t end with the sales transaction. By connecting your bot to all your systems, you’ll be able to send alerts proactively and answer questions about shipping status and returns.

Provide an integrated experience

73% of users are on multiple channels when they shop. That’s why you need to offer the same experience on all of them, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The best part? You can manage all channels from a single platform with just a few clicks.

"Since we’re contacted on multiple channels, we always try to automate and centralize everything within a single platform for a better customer experience."

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Roberto Maruyama Jr.

IT Manager

Learn from your customers

Use our interaction analysis tools to improve the purchasing process. Measure conversation rates, optimize the experience and discover how to exceed the expectations of your website visitors. You can adjust your conversational bot knowledge without a single line of code.

Satisfaction section on Aivo’s platform with results of satisfaction surveys and the Satisfaction Score, a report to improve the experience.

Your success is our success

You can count on our specialized support team not just for your company’s needs, but your customers' needs, too.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way: for the onboarding process, during implementation and in the growth stage, always ready to help with your customer service strategies.

Automate your customer service with modern interactions

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