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Provide a premium and empathetic experience

Speaking to a human face is not the same as talking by text. Video Conversational AI allows you to automate video queries by using a hyper-realistic avatar generated by Artificial Intelligence that can hold natural conversations with your customers, allowing you to provide a distinctive experience.

Create an avatar in tune with your brand

The Video Conversational AI avatar is the visible face of your brand. You can choose between multiple available options. Whatever you choose, your customers will be in the best hands.

The evolution of the customer experience

Just one step away from the metaverse

The metaverse is the future of customer experience. It’s a new way of interacting in cyberspace using human or automated avatars. Video Conversational AI is companies’ chance to provide support outside of traditional channels, and to offer interactive and immersive experiences.

Hold natural conversations with Artificial Intelligence


Video Conversational AI uses Aivo’s same technology powered by artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to have open conversations, whether by text or with an Artificial Intelligence avatar.

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A problem-solving assistant for every industry

Retail & Ecommerce
Educational Institutions
Health Institutions


Turn your avatar into your customers' favorite banking officer! By integrating your Video Conversational AI bot with your banking platform, you can streamline processes, reply to account-related questions, and instantly answer any questions:

Card activation

Card limit increases

Information about products and services

Card upgrades


Retail & Ecommerce

Can you imagine having a personalized salesperson available 24/7 in your online store? With Video Conversational AI, you can implement an avatar to help you capture leads and increase sales during each stage of your customer’s buying process. Among other things, your new automated salesperson will help you with:

Capturing leads and automatically transfer them to your CRM

Purchase status and tracking

Product recommendations

Product return and exchange process management


Educational Institutions

Keeping up with your students and potential students has never been so easy. For digital native generations, it’s essential to get through virtual processes simply, quickly, and innovatively. With Video Conversational AI, you can assist them at any time and accompany your new students in selecting their university. The integrations you can implement include:

Capturing interested students

Automating registration and application processes

Responses about classes, dates, and exams


Health Institutions

When it comes to health, providing close, empathetic care is key. By integrating your Video Conversational AI bot with your patient management tool, you can be closer than ever to patients automatically. Some of the queries you can automate are:

Shift management

Medical history requests

Questions about medical coverage

Refund management

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