New generation of
Conversational AI for a superior end-to-end experience

The new integration with Generative AI offers the ability to be conversational by being able to provide auto-generated responses, confidential or definitive responses as well as transactional responses creating the best experience for the customer.

Generative AI

Create automatic answer from unstructured sources of information such as websites and documents to expand the consultation experience.

Agentbot Conversational Engine

Give unique answers and provide secure infromation. Manage all the kwnolege from our no-code experience manager.

Aivo Studio

Create a transactional conversatcion with integration with external applications to provide precise answers and secure transactions.

Answer any type of question from your customer with the right technology

The new Generative AI add-on is added to our stack and allows you to give auto-generated answers with information that learns from the website. That is, it is ideal to provide consultative experiences in a sales process, or to provide specific information about a product or a commercial policy, to compare products or services and of course, the most important thing: it avoids the company having to load questions and answers too specific.

How is it integrated?

AgentBot, our conversational engine, detects the user's intent and refers it to the engine that can best provide a response. If you need a transactional response, it's Studio. If you need a single, specific response, it's Generative AI.

High-precision answers
Resolve the customer need on the first interaction
Maximum security and privacy standards

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