With AgentBot you don’t just respond:

Solve queries instantly by automating customer service

Offer the possibility to design a service experience in a simple and no-code way, understand the behavior of your customers, solve queries instantly and increase the NPS using conversational artificial intelligence.

Boost your customer service with conversational journeys

Video Conversations
Conversational Engine
Knowledge Management

Omnichannel 24/7

The same customer service experience on any channel, just a click away. The Aivo platform adapts the responses automatically according to the text or voice channel.

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Video Conversational AI

Take personalization to another level: offer a unique customer service experience with a hyper-realistic avatar generated with AI. Chat naturally, in a nearly-human way, and resolve queries instantly with the help of a virtual video assistant.

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90% accuracy in conversations

Multiple languages, naturalness and open dialogues. The conversational engine understands the intent behind your customers' questions and provides an exact response.


Simple, no-code knowledge management

Control, 100% in your hands. Create questions and answers, add plugins, edit and post whenever you want, without the need for a technical team.

Integrations with all tools

Connect the Aivo platform with the applications and systems you use and create a personalized work ecosystem for your goals.

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Detailed analytics, data-driven strategy

Understand the behavior of your customers from the first interaction. View session data, evaluate chats, measure feedback, and get insights for your strategies.

Evolve satisfaction with every interaction

Measure satisfaction and identify interactions with the most significant impact on your customers' experience. Detect possibilities for improvement with the Satisfaction Score.

Learn from the experience of your customers

Explore your customers' unresolved queries and discover new content, vocabulary, and ways to ask to improve service daily.

Grab attention with plugins and personalized ads

Invite users to chat dynamically. Create custom ads, add embedded maps, carousels, videos, buttons, gifs, PDFs, and more. Offer an enriched experience with all the interactive plugin options.

Tailored privacy and security

Solutions certified by ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards are GDPR compliant and the infrastructure offers high availability, scalability, and robust encryption.

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A 360º solution to create exceptional customer experiences


Create messaging campaigns on WhatsApp

Combine AgentBot’s conversational power with Engage, an automated tool to proactively start conversations on WhatsApp Business Platform.

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Scale service withlive agents

Involve an online agent at any point in the conversation and solve the most complex cases across all digital channels.

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Create instant solutions for your clients

Give your customers the right information at the right time with custom integrations that fit your sales and support goals.

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Leading companies evolve their customer servicewith conversational journeys:

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“The virtual assistant was an initiative to comprehensively improve the contact experience with customers, providing 24/7 access to information. The idea was to offer a quick and effective way for users browsing our website to get in touch, enabling self-management with the goal of improving their experience with the bank and optimizing our service channels.”

Christian Petruzzi
Customer Service Manager

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“Queremos mejorar de forma integral la experiencia de contacto con los clientes, facilitando el acceso a la información las 24 horas del día. La idea es ofrecer una forma rápida y eficaz de que los usuarios de nuestra web se pongan en contacto, permitiendo la autogestión para mejorar su experiencia con el banco y optimizar nuestros canales de servicio.”

Christian Petruzzi
Responsable del área de Atención al Cliente

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“O assistente virtual foi uma iniciativa para melhorar de forma integral a experiência de contato com o cliente, facilitando o acesso à informação durante 24h, nos 7 dias da semana. A ideia era oferecer ao usuário que está navegando em nosso site uma via de contato ágil e rápida, possibilitando a autogestão com o objetivo de melhorar sua experiência com o banco e otimizar nossos canais de atenção.”

Christian Petruzzi
Responsável pela área de Atendimento ao Cliente

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AgentBot?

AgentBot is one of the main products of the Aivo Suite. It is a platform from Aivo with Artificial Intelligence Conversation, with which companies can create conversational journeys and automate interactions with their customers on different digital channels.

What digital channels are available?

You can automate conversations in a web and mobile web chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, mobile app, and phone calls. Soon, it will also be available on Twitter and Telegram.

Do I need programming knowledge to use AgentBot?

AgentBot is no-code, so it is designed so that any team can easily manage it, without the need for technical training or knowledge of programming languages.

Can I integrate AgentBot with a live chat?

If necessary, AgentBot can seamlessly route conversations to a live human agent. To do this, Aivo has its own live chat, Live, but it is also possible to connect AgentBot with other providers, such as Zendesk or Genesys.

Are you WhatsApp Business providers?

Yes. Aivo is part of the global community of WhatsApp Business Solutions providers. Learn more here.

Are you Meta partners?

Yes, Aivo is a Meta Business Partner. Learn more here.

Can I connect AgentBot with other platforms?

Via Studio, Aivo's low-code tool, you can connect AgentBot with other external applications and offer customized solutions instantly.

What are the prices?

You can schedule a demo with our team of specialists to discuss your objectives and also, have the opportunity to access a trial version of AgentBot. Our team will evaluate your case and offer a tailor-made plan according to your needs.