Create WhatsApp campaigns easily and without coding

With Engage you can drive high-quality conversations with your customers at scale. Send notifications to opted-in customers, find new business opportunities, and build long-lasting relationships.

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Send dynamic content to your customers through the world’s most used messaging channel.

Global reach

Import audiences and send messages to any mobile phone with just one click.

Real-time analytics

See campaign status, analyze results, and download reports in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can Engage be used?

Use Engage to promote new products or services, announce special offers and discounts, boost your upselling and cross-selling strategies, and send service updates, among many other uses. Remember the audience must expect the information you send, which must be relevant and appropriate.

Can I start conversations with all customers?

The relationship with your customers is key. That's why you can only start conversations with those who have previously opted in to receive messages from the business over WhatsApp. For more information, read the WhatsApp policy.

How many messages can I send per day?

There’s a limit on the number of users a company can send proactive messages to every day. For more information, read WhatsApp guidelines

How do I create a message template?

At Aivo, we help companies throughout the process of creating a message template. You’ll receive a form to upload information about the template and then the Aivo Support team will manage the review and approval process with WhatsApp. This may take about 1 or 2 business days. Once WhatsApp approves the template, you can start using it right away. See the requirements for approval here.

What information can a message template contain?

Combine plain text, emojis, and buttons to create message templates that adapt to your company’s goals. Remember they must comply with WhatsApp’s Business Policies.

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Clients that automate customer service with Aivo

G2 Crowd Badge - Summer 2020 Leader
G2 Crowd Enterprise Badge - Summer 2020 Hight Performer

Michelle Stefanello

Coordenadora de Relações de Tag Livros

“Abrimos uma porta para esta mudança, tornando-nos disponíveis em mais canais de comunicação a uma velocidade que antes não era possível. Assim criamos a Sofia, que apoia aqueles que necessitam de um atendimento inicial no website, Facebook, WhatsApp e app.”

G2 Crowd Badge - Summer 2020 Leader
G2 Crowd Enterprise Badge - Summer 2020 Hight Performer

Kyra Arcia

Gerente de Innovación y Mercadeo

“El cliente actual no solo busca adquirir bienes o recibir un servicio, sino experiencias gratificantes y que vayan a la par con su estilo de vida vanguardista”