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Send proactive one-time campaigns or recurring messages through WhatsApp.

Engage with 2.5 billion users worldwide.

With almost 2.5 billion active users around the world, today WhatsApp is the king of instant messaging. Its popularity and ease of use allows brands to establish smooth, personalized and simple interactions with their customers.

With Engage, take advantage of this app to send proactive notifications to your customers globally.

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Relevant offers
Product stock
Management status
Security alerts
Deliver support
Send access codes

Relevant offers

Broadcast your promotions and increase your sales by sending relevant offers to your customers.

Product stock

Make personalized recommendations, announce product launches, and notify stock availability. An advice? Create interest-targeted lists to send each customer just what they need.

Management status

Always stay one step ahead of your customers by sending notifications of the status of a purchase or transaction. The possibilities are endless for all sectors: notify the status of a purchase, a flight, a medical consultation or a service and always keep your customers informed.

Security alerts

Protecting the safety of your customers has never been so easy. Send alerts through push notifications when you detect suspicious access to an account, unusual purchases or password changes.

Deliver support

Anticipate the needs of your customers and send them instructive content so that they resolve any doubts or inconveniences that may arise beforehand. If necessary, you can continue the conversation in the same chat window automatically.

Send access codes

Protect the accounts and movements of your clients with a double security factor. Send them an access code whenever they need it immediately through WhatsApp.

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Create on-time or recurrent campaigns

Send one-time messages to your database or automate triggered notifications based on your goals, such as purchase confirmations, follow ups, information requests, the sky is the limit.

Proactive messaging has never been easier.

The Engage allows you to configure campaigns, view message templates, evaluate the quality of your WhatsApp lines, and know how many messages you can send per day. Everything in one single place.

Measure and improve your campaigns

With detailed analytics you can measure the performance of all your campaigns. See what works, what doesn't, and optimize your strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a campaign in Engage?

A campaign is the proactive, global and automated action that companies can implement to send WhatsApp notifications to their customers and prospects for various purposes: informational, promotional, transactional, support, etc.

What type of campaigns can I implement?

Engage has 2 types of campaigns: recurring and one-time. The recurring ones allow companies to send proactive notifications to those people who fulfill a predetermined action. For example, when purchasing a product, a company can send the customer an automatic proactive message via WhatsApp to inform them of the status of their shipment. One-time campaigns are sent only once to an audience that is already loaded from a database and are ideal for large-scale general communications, such as informing about a new promotion or product, or communicating important news about the operation of a service.

What uses does Engage have?

You can use Engage to promote new products or services, communicate special offers and discounts, send service updates, appointment or flight confirmations, report shipment tracking, or retrieve an abandoned shopping cart, among many other use cases. Remember that the information you send must be expected, relevant and timely for the audience.

Can I start conversations with all customers?

The relationship with your customers is key. Therefore, you can only start conversations with those people who have previously agreed to receive proactive communications on WhatsApp from the company. For more details explore the WhatsApp policy.

How many daily messages can I send?

There is a limit to the number of users a company can send proactive messages to on a daily basis. For more information, review the WhatsApp guidelines.

How do I create a message template?

At Aivo we accompany companies throughout the process of creating the message template. They will receive a form where they must upload information about the template and then the Aivo Support team will manage the review and approval with WhatsApp, which can take approximately 1-2 business days. Once approved, they can start using it right away. Check the requirements for approval here.

What information can a message template have?

You can combine text, emojis, buttons, videos, images, and .pdf files to create message templates that fit company goals. Remember that they must comply with the WhatsApp Commerce Policies.

What do I need to start sending notifications to clients?

To start your proactive campaigns on WhatsApp and set up Engage, you must have a phone line from which messages will be sent and a WhatsApp-approved message template. We also recommend that you take advantage of the Aivo Suite and develop an automated service strategy through AgentBot in order to offer effective responses 24/7 to questions that arise after receiving notifications.