Help microsite with information at the reach of a click

Help is an artificial intelligence-powered knowledge base that makes it easy for your customers and teams to access information. It offers decisive conversational journeys with an efficient self-service service.


Instant responses with Conversational AI

People search for information on their own, when and where they want. Create a knowledge base about your services, products, or business in Help. Its AI-powered engine identifies search intent no matter how it's written: it understands informal language, regionalisms, and misspellings, and provides answers instantly.

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Manage informative articles effortlessly

Use the rich text editor and easily add multimedia plugins without the need for technical knowledge. Easily manage content in categories and subcategories from the Tag Manager.

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Conversational journeys with their own identity

Customize your branded help center with your company identity. Customize the subdomain, header, title, subtitle, image, color, favicon, and footer for a smooth experience.


SEO positioning for successful tours

Help optimizes the positioning of your site. Create content that is indexed and easy to find, so that your articles always appear among the first search results.



Learn and improve with each use

Find out what your customers want and improve their search experience with Aivo's analytics tool. Analyze the most consulted tags and the rating of the articles and identify keys to enhance the quality of the content.

Start creating automated conversational journeys

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Help?

Help is an add-on to the Aivo Suite that complements the automation of the AgentBot customer service experience by adding a help center with conversational artificial intelligence. It is one of the many channels available from the AgentBot platform and therefore is powered by AgentBot's conversational engine, experience manager, and analytics tool.

Do I need knowledge of programming codes to use Help?

Since AgentBot has a no-code knowledge manager, it is not necessary to have experience in programming languages to be able to create questions and answers for your knowledge base.

Can I see a demo of Help?

You can book a demo with our team to learn more about the Aivo Suite and how Help can improve your customer service experience.