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Join ALL, our alliance and referral program, and get incredible commissions as well as resources and tools to power your and your customers' businesses.

Generate recurrent income through SaaS technology

Be a key player in the customer experience industry

Help your customers build automated customer journeys

Strengthen your networking with CX experts

Offer an end-to-end customer service suite

Work together with Aivo to help your customers create automated conversational journeys through our AI-powered suite.

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Design customer experiences, automate and solve queries with conversational AI. Available 24/7 across all channels.

Meet Agentbot

Answer complex queries in real time with live agents. Consolidate all your customer service channels in one single platform.

Meet Live Chat

Create WhatsApp campaigns easily and without coding. Send relevant offers, notifications, and find new business opportunities.

Meet Engage

Boost hyper-connectivity between Aivo’s platform and third-party tools and provide instant solutions.

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Aivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AI

Native integrations with tech partners

In addition to generating business with our allies, there is nothing better than joining our technologies to help our clients improve their experience, streamline their processes and continue growing.

That's why we partner with market leading companies like Genesys, Zendesk and Salesforce to empower our solutions with native integrations.

Aivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AI

ALL Star Alliances program

ALL Star alliances are dedicated companies that work together with Aivo to develop business opportunities through a reseller contract model.

● Help other companies improve their experience
● Boost your services and platforms with Aivo's innovative technology
● Join our training program and transform your sellers into experts

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ALL Access Referral program

Do you know someone who might need Aivo Suite? Business consultants, companies, agencies or individuals can apply and be compensated with attractive commissions for bringing new clients to Aivo.

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Seteinfo, Genesys & Aivo, together for Banco Solidario

Thanks to Seteinfo's help, technological partner, Aivo and Genesys solutions joined forces to boost Banco Solidario's customer experience and power their human agents. As a result, the bank resolves 86% of inquiries automatically.

Discover their story

“Joint work allowed this project to have really high quality and solved many problems that could've been raised during the pandemic”

Damián Cruz
Alternate Channels Consultant, Banco Solidario

“El trabajo conjunto permitió que este proyecto tuviera una calidad realmente alta y resolviera muchos problemas que podrían haberse planteado durante la pandemia”

Damián Cruz
Consultor de Canales Alternativos de Banco Solidario

“O trabalho conjunto permitiu que este projecto tivesse uma qualidade realmente elevada e resolvesse muitos problemas que poderiam ter sido levantados durante a pandemia”

Damián Cruz
Consultor de Canais Alternativos do Banco Solidário

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