Giving time back to customers

When people have to contact customer service, they don’t want to waste time waiting or being redirected to different channels over and over again. They also don't like giving a company the same personal info they should already have.

People want quick solutions, personalized answers and to manage their own time.

At Aivo, we want them to spend less time with customer service and more time doing the things they love.


Aivo was founded in Argentina in 2012 as a way to revolutionize how companies communicate with their customers. In a short time it has expanded into a global company.


Our company specializes in offering customer service solutions with artificial intelligence for the enterprise sector. We have over 200 customers and more than 300 million interactions.


Aivo operates globally in 22 countries, with offices in North, South America and Europe. We are +100 people working worldwide, committed to helping companies provide a better customer service on a daily basis.

Better together

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And if you want to be part of our story... we’re hiring!