Appointment Scheduling

Create high-value customer engagement – by appointment

Boost your business growth by focusing your team on in-person meetings, enhanced with intuitive scheduling that maximizes revenue potential.

Meet Clients at their Peak of Interest

Enable a frictionless booking experience through your conversational channels that empowers customers to schedule appointments at their convenience, significantly enhancing accessibility and responsiveness.

✓ Customizable Self-Service Email Administration
✓ Appointment Confirmation
✓ Reminder Emails
✓ Post Appointment Email Follow Up

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Boost your team's efficiency in managing multiple high-value appointments. Optimize customer journeys by matching their needs with subject matter experts, ensuring specialized attention for high-value inquiries leads.

✓ Intuitive appointment management
✓ Capacity of up to 10 simultaneous appointments

Simplified Scheduling with our Virtual Assistant & Live Agent

Directly integrate our scheduling solution into Virtual Assistant and Live Agent, enabling customers to book appointments effortlessly during chat sessions. By submitting basic details and their inquiry, appointments are instantly scheduled, guaranteeing a smooth and tailored booking experience.

Leverage Insightful Reporting and Analytics

Dive into comprehensive analytics for a panoramic view of your marketing effectiveness, from initial online engagement to the nuanced experiences of post-appointment interactions.

A Scheduling Solution That Delivers

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"The Appointment Scheduling platform has enabled Logix to better meet the needs of our growing member base, provide a higher level of service to them, and produce more new accounts and loans, through our existing cost structure."

Logix Federal Credit Union
Vice President Sales & Retail Banking

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“La plataforma de Programación de Citas ha permitido a Logix atender mejor las necesidades de nuestra creciente base de clientes, ofreciéndoles un nivel superior de servicio y generando más cuentas nuevas y préstamos, dentro de nuestra estructura de costos actual.”

Vicepresidente de Servicios, Ventas y Banca, Logix Federal Credit Union

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“A plataforma de Agendamento de Compromissos foi um divisors de águas para a Logix atender melhor às necessidades danossa base de membros em crescimento, gerando mais novas contas e empréstimos, por meio de nossa estrutura de custos existente.”

Vice-Presidente de Vendas da Logix Credit Union

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Enhance Scheduling Efficiency Across Industries

Retail Sales
Banking /Wealth Management

Retail Sales

Carry Out Consultative Sales Approach

Navigate big-ticket sales (vehicles, home renovations and design)


Banking / Wealth Management

Strategize financial goals & banking essentials  

Assess loan & credit options for optimal choices

Finalize steps to secure loans or credit lines


Discuss non-emergent health related inquiries


Streamline enrolment and admissions

Allow students to book tutoring sessions for additional support.


Offer customized plan options tailored

Premier account servicing

Quick access to support solutions and troubleshooting