Super-Powerful Agents

Boost agent efficiency to the max. Live’s AI-driven suggestion engine helps your agents offer streamlined and efficient service.


AI Superpowers for your agents

Boost your agents’ productivity so they can offer better solutions in less time. Live’s AI engine detects frequently asked questions and recommends the best answer option.


Open the conversation to more channels

Chat with your customers in real time or asynchronously on all your messaging channels. From a single platform, Live agents can answer questions coming from web chats, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Images, voice messages and much more!

Go beyond plain, boring text and talk like a friend. With Live, agents can chat with images and emojis, share links, and even get a geolocationfrom the customer. Plus, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger voice messages can be transcribed to text.

Conversation between an agent in Aivo’s AI powered live chat and a user using images, voice messages, and emojis.
The session returns to the AI ​​chatbot after the conversation between the user and the agent in the live chat ended.


Bot-Human-Bot unified experience

Detect the queries that need human assistance. AgentBot answers frequently asked questions and transfers only the more complex ones to a Live agent, along with the chat history. When it’s done, the session goes back to the bot. Everything happens in the same window.


Zoom in on each customer

Live creates detailed digital profiles for each of your customers. The agents will have access to previous conversations, notes, emails, social accounts, assigned agent and reason for the transfer, for personalized service.


Analize agents' performance

Monitor every conversation, evaluate your agents’ work and help them become your clients' heroes. Filter by date, channel or group; assess average service and waiting time, customer satisfaction, and find out the busiest days and times.

BBVA offers combined support using AgentBot to answer automatically and Live to deal with special cases.

Melanie Tremoceiro  -  Customer Support Agent

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