Automate your customer service with WhatsApp Business

Automate support and revolutionize your customers’ experience with Aivo’s AI-powered conversational bot for WhatsApp.

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Aivo is a WhatsApp
Business Solution Provider

Aivo is part of the global community of Business Solution Providers for the WhatsApp Business API.


Revolutionize customer experience with AI

If your customers love WhatsApp, why not serve them there as well? Whether they send a text or a voice message, the bot understands the intention behind their questions and answers them instantly, at any time of day.


Conversational AI for modern interactions

Conversational artificial intelligence is the difference between a fluid, problem-solving conversation and a series of generic answers. Our bot understands everyday language, common mistakes and regionalisms to ensure effective communication.

An AI WhatsApp chatbot sends a template message with a notification to a customer letting him know his order is delayed.


Send reminders and notifications

Sometimes, you have to be the one to take the first step. Create communication campaigns with Engage, a no-code tool to start conversations through proactive messages. Notify customers of product restock, relevant discounts and offers, or send service alerts.

The Aivo platform offers pre-assembled packages with content according to industries or events to download for free to the bot.


Transfer phone queries to WhatsApp Business

Shorter waiting times means faster solutions. Aivo transfers phone calls from the call center's IVR to the company’s WhatsApp Business channel, easing phone traffic.


Personalized service based on geolocation

Save your customers time and give them the answer they need. The conversational bot can receive the user’s geolocation, interpret it, and provide location-based suggestions, such as products’ quotes, stores nearby or ATMs, and then transfer the session to an agent to confirm a purchase.


Instant human assistance

If the questions are complex, human intelligence makes all the difference. Transfer the session from WhatsApp Business to live chat solutions such as Live or Genesys and solve the most complicated queries with the attention they deserve.

Learn about Live

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No-code, simple, intuitive platform

Manage knowledge and design the experience easily, no programming skills necessary. You can add questions manually, import them from Excel or Zendesk Guide, or download a package of pre-made content, edit it when you want, and publish it across all your channels.

Automatic support tickets

Accelerate support troubleshooting. AgentBot integrates seamlessly with Zendesk Support so that you can add forms to your answers and create tickets automatically.

“Our alliance with Aivo allows us to provide a safe way for our customers to decide where, when, and how they want to interact with us, without coming to the bank in person. Implementing WhatsApp has been really amazing, and we’ve had more than 250,000 queries in under 2 months”.

Kyra Arcia Marcano  - Innovation and Marketing Manager at Banco Bolivariano

Kyra Arcia Marcano | Innovation and Marketing Manager at Banco Bolivariano

“Our partnership with Aivo lets us offer a secure way for our customers to manage their relationship how, when and where they want without coming to the bank. Adopting WhatsApp has been really fantastic, reaching more than 250,000 queries in less than 2 months.”

What you need to know before implementing WhatsApp Business

What do I need to connect a bot to WhatsApp Business?

To automate Customer Service through this channel, WhatsApp Business must approve your company’s account. To do this, you must comply with Facebook’s Commerce Policies. This is the only way to connect to the official WhatsApp Business API. If you think your brand meets the requirements, Aivo helps you manage the process.

Do I need a verified account (green check mark) to be able to operate?

All accounts can be registered; it is not a requirement to have an Official Business Account. But if you want to see the green check mark next to your brand, Aivo can assist you in this matter. In this case, WhatsApp Business will ask you for a minimum of messages exchanged per month.

Can I change providers and keep my number?

Companies that are already working with another Business Solutions Provider and want to choose Aivo as their new provider can migrate their number and also keep their display name, quality rating, message limits, account status, and the template messages (High Quality Message templates) already approved.