Increase your business’ digital presence with conversational journeys on Telegram

In Telegram, you will be able to solve queries and provide instant solutions 24/7. It offers customer service on a simple and intuitive platform that is chosen by millions of users every year.


millions active users worldwide


millions messages are sent through Telegram every day


millions users use it as a source of information and news daily

Automated conversational journeys on the main digital channels

Intelligent customer service with natural language

Answer automatically 24/7 and resolve queries from the first interaction. The conversational AI-powered engine understands the intentions behind every interaction, without the friction caused by potential misspellings, grammar, or regionalisms.

Meet AgentBot

Conversations that not only answer, but solve

With the possibility of connecting Aivo Studio to your technological stack, your brand will be able to provide the right answers when your users need them. Manage claims, service registrations and cancellations, shipment tracking and much more in a personalized way.

Meet Studio

Frictionless transfer to human agents

For the resolution of more complex or sensitive cases, you can incorporate a human agent at any time during the conversation. With Live, deliver live agent responses in real time or asynchronously across all your digital channels.

Meet Live
Generate new sales opportunities with exclusive attention
Deliver richer, more dynamic conversations with plugins, forms, and images
Generate brand awareness in the messaging channels preferred by your users

What you need to know before implementing Telegram

What can I automate in Telegram?

Aivo's integration with Telegram allows you to automate exclusively 1-to-1 interaction through this messaging application. It does not support group chats.

Do I need technical knowledge to automate Telegram?

No, you just need to have a Telegram account, access to it and have an initial response set up to start the conversation. Also, since the channel is managed from AgentBot, uploading questions and answers is simple and intuitive, and does not require programming languages.

How can I see a demo?
Can I access reports to evaluate the experience?

AgentBot has a detailed analytics tool that provides key metrics about your channel interactions, sessions, transfers, among other data, so you can gain insights and continue to improve customer service experience.

Does it support forwarding to other live chats besides Live?

If you automate the Telegram channel you can refer to other platforms such as Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage and Salesforce.