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Add a new service channel with Messenger’s API for Instagram

When you have thousands or millions of followers on social media, the amount of messages can overwhelm your team. Thanks to Messenger API for Instagram, your company will have new resources and possibilities for handling the scale of queries that come from the profile section, stores, and stories.

“We are thrilled that Aivo is launching this customer service channel. The Messenger API for Instagram is now available for all developers who make it possible for brands to improve and enhance messaging experiences with customers”.

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Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

Vice President of Messenger’s Platform Partnerships

Show off your products and boost sales

Most Instagram users use this platform to connect with their favorite brands. It is an excellent display case where you can boost what you offer without leaving the chat window. Integrate the messaging service with your company’s apps and platforms to create new leads and provide valuable content.

Automate answers while staying natural

You’ll be able to automate your customer service with our artificial intelligence without sounding like a robot. The conversational engine is able to understand different ways of asking questions, identify customer intentions, and respond automatically in the exact moment.

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The user makes a query with grammatical errors and the bot offers a natural response

Improve your customer service process

You probably already know that when queries or claims come into a channel, resolving the customer’s need in the same platform is ideal. Thanks to Messenger API for Instagram, you’ll be able to resolve more queries at a time and help speed up the decision-making and buying process.

Incorporate an agent in key moments

Provide an authentic experience by integrating Instagram’s messaging service with human agents. When the questions require personalized service, you can transfer the session from Instagram to live chat solutions, giving your customers the service they deserve.

The client makes a query and the bot refers to a human agent instantly

Design the experience without a single line of code

Build conversation flows without needing a specialized team. Add interactions and answers, upload content to the platform, and enhance your customers’ experience with add-ons, such as buttons, images or videos. Easily edit any change and add value to every conversation.

Make data-based decisions

Getting up to speed on your customers’ decisions and setting yourself apart from the competition is key for advancing your business. How to achieve this? Simple, with data. Our solution allows you to analyze, measure conversation ratings, find out what your customers search for, get reports in real time, and continuously improve.

The platform allows obtaining complete metrics to improve results