Increase sales and improve the experience with a conversational commerce strategy

Automated conversational journeys with artificial intelligence for the retail industry and e-commerce

+80% of users contact companies to get additional information about your products and services.

Revolutionize the online shopping experience with conversational commerce. Provide decisive and personalized attention 24/7 thanks to solutions powered by conversational AI.

Create conversational journeys for your online store

With Aivo Suite, you can allow your customers to make inquiries and buy online in a conversational and automated way. Design simple or complex routes that solve instantly and streamline processes.

Two Factor Authentication

A second layer of security with One Time Password, user identification through webview and authentication through soft tokens.

Biometric Identification

Connection to third-party biometric technologies to identify your customer's identity before proceeding with transactional inquiries.

End-to-end encryption

Service encrypted with a strong algorithm, asymmetric (RSA) or symmetric (AES).

Conversational AI for e-commerce

The same platform, infinite possibilities. Cover the customer journey from end to end with transactional consultations that assist your customer before, during, and after the purchase.

Automated Conversational Journeys for Retail / Ecommerce

Lead generation and referral to third-party platforms

Automate the generation of new sales opportunities in your digital channels and refer them to the platform of your choice.

Automated Conversational Journeys for Fintechs and Banking

Manage the shopping cart from WhatsApp

Reviewing cart products has never been easier: you don't need to leave WhatsApp to edit, delete or add products.

Automated Conversational Journeys for Education and Universities

Schedule calls and demos

Users will be able to choose when they prefer to receive specialized attention and product demos.

Automated Conversational Journeys for Telecom

Location of different branches

With the incorporation of an embedded map in your e-commerce, your customers will find their nearest branch in an instant.

Automated Conversational Journeys for Healthcare

Status of purchase or order

Allow your customers to check the status of their purchases through their favorite messaging app. Integrate your bot with your online store and keep your customers updated.

Automated Conversational Journeys - Utilities

Manage changes and returns

Through automated processes, customers will be able to request changes and returns of products at any time of the day.

Create conversational tours for your financial institution

With Aivo Suite, allow your clients to carry out all types of financial management in a conversational, automated and secure way. Design simple or complex routes that solve instantly and streamline processes.

WhatsApp Banking:
automate inquiries and transactions in your customers' preferred channel

Connection between platforms quickly, without interference and without the need to hire extra teams
Control over all aspects of the account from our platform (quality, message limit, templates, and more)
High privacy and security standards

Aivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AIAivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AIAivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AI

Evolution comes from data

Information about your customer interactions is gold for your operational reports. With Aivo Suite's advanced analytics tool, measure conversation rates, identify content that hurts the experience, and get practical ways to exceed your customers' expectations day in and day out.

Aivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AIAivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AIAivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AI

Security is non-negotiable

We’re ISO 27001 and ISO 9000-certified. We also have TLSv1.2 encryption for data transmission, AES 256 encryption for the database, and a disaster recovery plan to protect your company from any threat.

Also, Aivo meets the main privacy standards, such as GDPR and LGPD, to ensure the highest levels of information management.

Aivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AIAivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AIAivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AI

Leading banks are creating automated conversational journeys with Aivo

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“The virtual assistant was an initiative to comprehensively improve the contact experience with customers, providing 24/7 access to information. The idea was to offer a quick and effective way for users browsing our website to get in touch, enabling self-management with the goal of improving their experience with the bank and optimizing our service channels.”

Christian Petruzzi
Customer Service Manager

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“The virtual assistant is integrated to the bank’s systems: it gives current balance, account transactions, card activation for international use, etc. Avi24 is the center of an ecosystem and works together with different platforms to bridge customer service among all of them.”

Kyra Arcia Marcano
Innovation and Marketing Manager

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“Many customers use Sofía, our conversational platform, on a daily basis to access personalized information, thus avoiding other face-to-face customer service channels. Moreover, they also choose Sofía over online banking because of the speed and effectiveness of the responses.”

Fabián Mealla
Digital Channels Manager

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“El asistente virtual fue una iniciativa para mejorar de forma integral la experiencia de contacto con el cliente, facilitando el acceso a la información las 24/7.. La idea era ofrecer al usuario que está navegando en nuestro sitio web una vía de contacto ágil y rápida, posibilitando la autogestión con el objetivo de mejorar su experiencia con el banco y optimizar nuestros canales de atención.”

Christian Petruzzi
Responsable del área de Atención al Cliente

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“El asistente virtual está integrado en los sistemas del banco: da el saldo actual, los movimientos de la cuenta, la activación de la tarjeta para su uso internacional, etc. Avi24 es el centro de un ecosistema y trabaja conjuntamente con diferentes plataformas para tender un puente de atención al cliente entre todas ellas.”

Kyra Arcia Marcano
Directora de Innovación y Marketing

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"La plataforma fue implementada para ofrecer una atención personalizada, lo que nos permite ofrecer un mejor servicio al cliente, y optimizar tanto el tiempo como el trabajo del cliente y de nuestra fuerza de ventas. En ambos casos, el ahorro de tiempo, la eficiencia en el acceso a la información y la claridad en la presentación de la misma permitirán destinar más recursos a procesos de mayor valor”

Fabián Mealla
Gerente de Banca Digital

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“O cliente tá conseguindo auto atendimento, não só com dúvidas, mas também com uma integração de negociação importante que incluímos assim que implantamos a solução da Aivo.”

Patrícia Marques
Head de Operações

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“A experiência foi excelente, a implementação rápida e simples, como também a maneira com que nos familiarizamos com o uso da ferramenta”

Kyra Arcia Marcano
Directora de Innovación y Marketing

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"A plataforma foi implementada para prestar um atendimento personalizado que permita prestar um serviço melhor ao cliente, assim como otimizar o tempo e o trabalho tanto do cliente quanto da equipe comercial. Nos dois casos, a economia de tempo, a eficiência no acesso à informação e a clareza na sua exposição permitirão destinar mais recursos a processos com maior valor agregado”

Equipa da CEMEX

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