A solution that meets the expectations of students

With Automated Conversational Journeys it is possible to offer personalized answers to students and potencial studends when they need them, in the channel they prefer.

Of centennials would leave a brand if it wasn’t possible for them to ask a question about a product or a service.

Of centennials believe they could recieve more efficient customer service experience through social media.

A personalized experience for the new generations

Educational institutions have digital natives as their main audience. Therefore, they must offer an experience at the level that achieves:

Understand relaxed and natural language
Being on all the platforms frequented by the academic community
Offer answers instantly, 24/7

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Convert interested leads into students with a proactive strategy

Boost interactions, spread valuable information, and strengthen relationships between the educational community and the institution through a proactive communication strategy on WhatsApp and your website.

Broadcast course and career updates
Communicate the academic calendar
Promote a new academic offer
Highlight promotions and discounts

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Offer a problem-solving experience by integrating your educational platform

Integrate your educational platform with Aivo Suite and provide the exact solutions students need when they need them:

Generate leads and automatically refer them to your student platform
Communicate exam results and dates
Provides information on study plans
Keep track of attendance
Automate the registration of new students

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Create knowledge microsites with conversational AI and build a repository with reading material, tasks and activities available 24/7. Manage content easily from a single code-free platform that doesn’t need specialized technical teams.

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Transfer conversations to online agents or sales reps, offering a transparent and smooth experience. Create different service groups and direct topics to the appropriate experts.

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Conversational AI and its role in the transformation of the education sector

Improve the student experience, streamline administrative processesand reduce the workload of teachers with conversational AI.

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Aivo Suite - Automated Conversational Journeys - Chatbot AI

Constantly evolving and learning

With the advanced analytics panel, learn from each interaction, find out the most frequently asked questions and topics, evaluate satisfaction and improve the experience.

General board of operations
Transferred sessions
Conversations and interactions
Satisfaction and feedback
Chat reports

Leader institutions choose automated conversational journeys

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“AgentBot allowed us to provide personalized service to all students. It’s reliable and provides the right answer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

León Molina
Former General Director of Marketing and Communication

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“With Aivo’s analytics, we can understand our students’ needs and train our conversational bot, Albert, turning it into an efficient and immediate solution. Now, it successfully answers 98% of the interactions.”

Facundo Montero
Reporting Analyst

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“AgentBot nos permitió brindar atención personalizada a todos los alumnos. Es confiable, brinda la respuesta correcta las 24 horas del día, los 365 días del año.”

León Molina
Ex Director General de Marketing y Comunicación

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“Con las herramientas de análisis de Aivo entendemos las necesidades de nuestros alumnos y entrenamos a Albert, nuestro bot conversacional, para convertirlo en una solución eficaz e inmediata. Logramos que responda con éxito el 98% de las interacciones.”

Facundo Montero
Analista de Reporting

Lee el caso completo

“AgentBot nos permitió brindar atención personalizada a todos los alumnos. Es confiable, brinda la respuesta correcta las 24 horas del día, los 365 días del año."

León Molina
Ex-Diretor-Geral de Marketing e Comunicação

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“Com as ferramentas de análise da Aivo entendemos as necessidades dos nossos alunos e treinamos o Albert, o nosso bot conversacional, para transformá-lo em uma solução eficaz e imediata. Conseguimos que ele responda com sucesso 98% das interações.”

Facundo Montero
Analista de Reporting

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