Low-code integration designer tool

Build instant solutions for your customers

Automate conversational journeys with custom integrations that fit your customer service and sales goals and offer your customers the right information at the right time.

Flexibility to develop your own integrations

Choose from an extensive set of nodes and design journeys to solve customers’ needs. You can go simple or go big. Studio adapts to every requirement to help you improve customer service and sales query resolution.

Connect Aivo’s platform to web services and web APIs.

Add complements, like images, pdf files, live chat transfers, video, buttons, webviews, and forms.

Perform different functions or operations on the flow data.

Create HTTP endpoints and responses, and execute HTTP requests.

Display messages in Studio’s debug sidebar within the editor window.


Hyperconectivity suitable for any team

Create and auto-manage your integration flows. Whether you have a tech team or you are a coding enthusiast, Studio’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily design flows and deploy them directly into your conversational journeys.

Any industry, any integration.

Studio adapts to the specific company needs to help automate conversational journeys no matter how simple or sophisticated they are.



Lead generation

Delivery status tracking

User account creation

Product returns management

View E-Commerce Journeys


Credit history information

Credit card statements

Account balance

Recent/Last transactions

View Financial Journeys


Data and minutes balance

Complaints management

Mobile plan changes

Billing statements

View Telecom Journeys

Meet Sofía, Banco Comafi's virtual assistant


“Our focus is on integrating our services to achieve 100% resolution with the bot, avoiding transfers to other service channels, and establishing the WhatsApp channel as a priority, since it allows us to identify our customers and provide them with a transactional set that solves 80-20 of the most recurrent queries in a single chat”

Fabián Mealla
Digital Banking Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Studio?

Offering instant solutions is key when designing a truly conversational experience for your customers. Transactional integrations with third-party platforms will provide them with the information they are looking for, like a support ticket, a credit card balance, or the details of their phone plan. For those using Aivo’s Conversational AI Platform, Studio allows you to develop custom workflows to connect the solution with web APIs and web services and automate customer service and sales queries resolution in an autonomous manner.

Which are the infrastructure requirements?

To create integrations using Studio you need to have access to an API REST or SOAP. They could be owned by you or bye a third-party. one.

Can I get a sneak peek of Aivo’s platform?

Of course! You can take the product tour to explore some of its functionalities. 

Which are the skills that teams should have to use Studio?

Studio is a low-code tool, so you need some programming knowledge to create complex workflows. The recommended requirements are: basic knowledge in flow layout/modeling, Javascript programming language or the ability to research and find possible solutions, Web Services/API REST, and Aivo’s platform complements.

Is it self-service?

You can use Studio to create integrations at your own pace and according to your own objectives. However, if you need extra help our team will be there to guide you through the process.

Start designing automated conversational journeys with Studio

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