June 27, 2018

Aivo Announces AgentBot on the Salesforce AppExchange

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Today Aivo announced it has launched AgentBot on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with their customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. Aivo develops virtual customer service agents powered by artificial intelligence, that intelligently recognize, interpret and respond to customer questions across diverse digital channels.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, AgentBot is currently available on the AppExchange.

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The integration between #Salesforce and #AgentBot allows companies to better capitalize on the moments in front of customers and easily create business opportunities or service tickets of greater complexity. Companies that adopt the solution will access the opportunity of having 24/7 service.

"We have been able to design new solutions, allowing us to reach an 80% retention rate.This obviously translated into a fast Return on Investment", said Mauricio Gonzalez Castelazo Kleimann , Head of Digital Channel and Customer Care at Movistar, Aivo's customer since 2014.
“Our work with Salesforce will allow us to continue growing globally along with the most important clients in the region. With this integration, we aim to facilitate customer service and create astonishing problem-solving experiences," highlights Martín Frascaroli, CEO of Aivo.

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"We want companies to stand out in the market and achieve a digital transformation in a short period of time thanks to the quality and speed provided by Artificial Intelligence. Our associates and strategic partners are key to the accelerated growth that the Digital Revolution demands today," concludes Claudia Siller, Partner & Alliances Manager of Aivo.
“We are happy to welcome Aivo onto the AppExchange, as this integration will allow customers the ability to direct sales queries, or those that require further support, directly to the Salesforce CRM,” said Mike Wolff, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce. "The exponential growth of the AppExchange underscores the enormous opportunity the entire Salesforce ecosystem has in creating cutting-edge solutions and driving customer success."

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