November 30, 2021

Smooth and easy communication: How TOTVS optimized its support using Whatsapp Business

Aivo Awards winner for the best WhatsApp Business implementation

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Adopting a new support channel is not as challenging when it is already used by over two billion people, in more than 180 countries such as Whatsapp. This is one of the keys that made TOTVS, the largest management system development company in Brazil, include the messaging app in its customer service strategy. With Aivo's technology, the use of voice messages, images, and emojis made TOTVS' support more agile, empathetic and efficient. 

Lígia Braga, Head of Product-Led Sales at Aivo, talks with Roberta Varago (Support Coordinator), Adriano Busch (Software Production Manager), Thalyssa Oliveira (Support Coordinator) and Ronaldo Pole (Technical Support Analyst) about how it was possible to improve customer service using this digital channel. 

Usability and different communication formats

What was the focus of the innovation strategy to improve the customer experience this year?

Roberta Varago: We worked very hard with the WhatsApp project, proving to the customer that our channels were already easy to access. This is especially true for WhatsApp, as it is a very common tool today, with worldwide adoption and no need to teach clients how to use it. This reduces our abandonment queue, with the agent being able to handle up to three simultaneous chats. Also, it can send images and audio – the platform transcripts to text, which is very practical. 

Service through WhatsApp is a strong bet for us, focusing mainly on human service. Customers love this, since they can talk to us while they communicate with friends and family. In this digital channel users tend to talk to several people at the same time.

We also have reports from customers who used to have inquiries and now they can solve them through Whatsapp. We are currently curating the bot’s content. Some answers have already been prepared in advance, but we know that the customer does not always ask clearly, so human service ends up meeting this need as well. 

How was the implementation process and what is the response of users when they are served on this channel? 

Adriano Busch: We started by changing the structure that already existed, with the customer contacting us by phone or email. Adding a new channel also required providing a new experience for the customer, encouraging adoption, making the necessary integrations and validations. In the first month, the volume was low, so we started engagement campaigns and videos, showing the value to the customer. Before, when the customer had a problem, they had to call or send an email to support. Now it is possible to send an audio or an image through Whatsapp.

In this way, the solution was more effective and the interaction was smoother. We started to deal with a more common and calm language, even receiving stickers to thank us. Since the implementation in July, we already have more than 10% of our call volume on Whatsapp and the number of tickets has not increased. It is another channel, a new opportunity for the customer to receive assistance in a simple way, as it is part of the user's routine. This interaction with the customer adds value and we are starting to provide a direct button for calls on Whatsapp within our products, automatically directing to the bot.

Do you have any WhatsApp integration that helps the customer decisively or supports human agents?

Ronaldo Pole: We have an intermediary that integrates our bot directly with Zendesk, optimizing a journey that, before, used to include accessing a portal and finding the correct URL, bringing agility to the client. An advantage for us is the ability to handle up to three or more simultaneous cases, in addition to having all the information integrated in the same platform. 

By the time the service starts on WhatsApp, some very important information is already requested for support, and we can avoid repeating requests and validations multiple times, reducing contact friction. This makes it easier for us and for the customer, delivering agility and smoothness. Everyone knows how to use WhatsApp, so it broke this paradigm of classic service via portal and telephone. Many customers find it better and easier to log in via WhatsApp. And for agents, this direct integration with Zendesk also makes it easy for support.

And what are the main advantages of this new service for TOTVS? 

Thalyssa Oliveira: WhatsApp is very easy to use since anyone has access to a cell phone and is also very quick to assist, so customer satisfaction ends up increasing as well. The approach to the agent is better, the customer has a differentiated experience and it optimizes everyone's processes. 

The bot today also serves the Customer Portal and we work hard on this customer engagement so that the customer can access this Portal, experience the bot and, most importantly for us, make it clear that an agent is available in case the bot doesn’t bring the answers. We have already created an evasion model so that if the customer asks more than three times and the bot doesn't know the answer, it is directed to the agent. And that also makes the experience easier and better.

Customer Satisfaction and More Efficient Service With Whatsapp Business

And what advice would you give to make customers happy in 2022 with service through digital channels?

Roberta Varago: ¡Send us a WhatsApp message! Service is smooth, entry is easy and interactions are instantaneous. For the next year, we want to remain focused on the good work with this channel.

Thalyssa Oliveira: Intensifying curation will be our challenge for 2022, giving the client more options. In addition, we will work on more interactions to streamline priorities and handle open tickets.

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Adriano Busch: Expansion. We want to structure our teams so that we are able to provide the response that the customer wants through the channel, so that they always come back and share their experience within their own circle, showing them the advantages of this touchpoint. As a result, we want customers to seek to have fewer phone calls, taking advantage of the smoothness of Whatsapp. 

Ronaldo Pole: Investing more in curation and designing the flow well, is essential for good assertiveness and good service. So I believe that with all this already raised, organized, and designed, it's just success!

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