Much more than a chatbot

Automate customer service with Conversational AI

Design your service experience easily and without code, understand your customers’ behavior and increase NPS with conversational artificial intelligence.

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Discover a new intelligent
customer experience

24/7 Omnichannel service

The same service experience across all channels, just one click away. Aivo’s platform adapts answers automatically based on the text or voice channel.

90% accuracy in

Natural and open dialogues in multiple languages. The conversational engine recognizes the intent behind your customers’ questions and offers an exact answer.

Simple and code-free knowledge management

100% control in your hands. Create questions and answers, add complements, and edit and publish whenever you want, without the need for a technical team.

Integrations with all tools

Connect Aivo’s platform with the applications and systems you use, and create a personalized work ecosystem tailored to your goals.
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Detailed analytics, data-driven strategy

Understand your customers’ behavior from the very first interaction. Visualize session data, review chats, measure feedback and obtain insights for your strategies.
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Capture attention with personalized ads

Promote launches and promotions, report new developments and improve your website’s conversion rate with ads that invite conversation.

Evolve customer satisfaction with each interaction

Measure satisfaction and identify the questions and answers that impact your customers’ experience the most. The Satisfaction Score assigns a score to each question based on feedback from satisfaction surveys and identifies improvement opportunities.

Learn from your customer’s experience

Explore your customers’ unresolved interactions and find new content, vocabulary and ways to phrase questions to continually improve service.

Privacy and security tailored to large companies

Aivo complies with the legal requirements to securely handle information. The solutions are ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 certified and GDPR compliant, and the infrastructure offers high availability, scalability and robust encryption.

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A 360° solution to create outstanding customer experiences


Create messaging campaigns on WhatsApp

Combine AgentBot’s conversational power with Engage, an automated tool to proactively start conversations on WhatsApp Business Platform.
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Scale service with
live agents

Involve an online agent at any point in the conversation and solve the most complex cases across all digital channels.
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Frequently asked questions

What digital channels does it support?

You can interact with your customers via the web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and phone calls.

Do I need programming knowledge to use the platform?

Aivo offers a solution designed to be easily managed by all teams without the need for programming knowledge.

Can I integrate the platform with other live chat providers?

Aivo has its own live chat, Live, but also offers native integrations with Zendesk and Genesys live chat solutions.

What are the prices?

We have several options to meet different needs. Explore our plans and choose the right one for your business.

Is Aivo a WhatsApp provider?

Yes. Aivo is part of the global community of Business Solutions Providers for the WhatsApp Business API.

How long does it take to implement the solution?

The implementation time depends on how complex the project is. Aivo’s Onboarding team provides assistance during the initial setting up and launching process. Then, the Customer Success team will continue to work alongside the company. If you want to test the tool and start now, you can register for a free trial.

Can I create my own integrations?

Studio, Aivo’s low-code tool, makes integrating our platform with other external applications easier, whether they are information systems, CRMs, etc. In this way, companies can create and manage their own integrations, without depending on Aivo’s Customer Success Integrations team.

Can I try the solution before purchasing?

Sure! You can sign up for a 30-day free trial and explore the platform’s benefits at no cost.

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Christian Petruzzi

Customer Service Manager

"We want to comprehensively improve contact experience with customers, providing 24/7 access to information. The idea is to offer a quick and effective way for users of our website to get in touch, enabling self-management to improve their experience with the bank and optimize our service channels."