Automated Conversational Journeys

Create personalized and decisive journeys with artificial intelligence. Manage customer service and concrete sales automatically offering an experience not only efficient but also empathetic and flexible.

Journeys that not only respond, but also resolve

In a digital ecosystem every time more competitive, providing immediate and personalized resolution is a key point to building a loyal customer base and standing out in the market.


of clients are more likely to buy with a personalization strategy.


of clients qualify an “immediate” answer as something essential.


of clients consider problem-solving as the most relevant thing in customer service.

The evidence is overwhelming: experience matters

The three keys of Automated Conversational Journeys:

Conversational IA


Have natural and unstructured conversations with your customers, understand all kinds of queries in different languages (regardless of how they are worded) and provide answers in real-time. Learn how Aivo's conversational AI works:

Ensure smart, modern interactions in the language your users prefer, 24/7 with our Conversational AI engine.


The heart of your CX strategy

Offer instant and personalized solutions to your users. Design simple and complex journeys with low-code integrations.

Develop your own integrations in a flexible way

Visually build different conversational paths from a large set of nodes.

Edit your already created integrations and deploy them right away.

Easily incorporate your integrations into customer interactions thanks to the direct connection with AgentBot.

Create responsive conversational paths by integrating Aivo Studio with your technology stack.

Learning and analytics

Learn and improve with every interaction. Create intelligent conversational journeys, evolve your strategy, and take better decisions thanks to our advanced analytics.

“32% of users would leave a brand they love if they have a poor customer service experience*” - Improving interactions and learning every second is a key point to offer successful and decisive conversational journeys.

*Source: HubSpot

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Measure, report, and optimize

Visualize conversation details for a better, deeper understanding of every interaction.

Multiple filters to choose which aspects to review and visualize detailed reports in seconds.

Satisfaction Score to know the questions you need to improve based on your customer ratings.

NPS, CSAT, Binary, and Stars to measure your user’s satisfaction.

Discover why interactions fail, resolve and improve with every interaction.

Show your customer unresolved questions to reinforce the necessary points.

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