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CEMEX Automates Customer Service in Six Countries with 97% Resolution Rate




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Resolution Rate


automated queries


average response time


Resolution Rate


automated queries


average response time

A fundamental aspect to consider when implementing a customer service solution is that it can serve all customer segments, especially if they are located in different countries or speak other languages. With that in mind, CEMEX implemented Aivo's conversational AI solutions. Discover their story.

Goal: to provide a superior experience

CEMEX, a leading building materials company, strategically positions its global presence in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. One thing that has historically differentiated CEMEX from the marketplace is its continued focus on customer satisfaction.

Strengthening its efforts to improve operational efficiency and innovation, CEMEX sought to enrich its communication strategy by exploring new ways to connect with its customers beyond traditional channels. With that in mind, CEMEX aimed to provide a superior experience by automating its customer service in six countries, ensuring that every customer, regardless of location or language, receives exceptional support.

Implementation: Elevating the customer experience with conversational AI

CEMEX found an innovative approach to improve the way they interact with their customers by leveraging Aivo's conversational AI solutions. CEMEX's goal was clear: to improve the customer experience, automate frequently asked questions, and provide 24/7 customer service.  

As part of this initiative, the company launched Aivo's AI-powered virtual assistant AgentBot under the CEMEX Go. brand.  

CEMEX Go represents the company's digital solution that automates workflows, enabling customers to purchase products, track deliveries, and manage orders seamlessly and in real-time.  

CEMEX decided to name the assistant Olivia, infusing a human touch to create a sense of personal connection with clients.  

Equipped with over 60 FAQs in its database, Olivia, Engageware’s AI Virtual Assistant, provided personalized attention to customers' queries related to the platform, such as how to place or change an order, how to download an invoice, and where to view their balance.  

In Mexico, Cemex has also been working on WhatsApp to provide customer support.

Olivia was not just a chatbot; she was designed to cater to the unique needs of CEMEX's customers, providing clarity and efficiency in every interaction. As explained by the company, the AI-powered virtual assistant tailored service allowed for better customer engagement, optimizing the experience of both customers and the sales team.  

The AI-driven virtual assistant was designed to offer tailored solutions, enabling us to deliver superior customer service while optimizing efficiency for both customers and the sales team. By saving time, streamlining access to information, and providing clear presentation of data, Olivia allows us to allocate more resources to higher-value processes. Additionally, this new virtual assistant will contribute to the optimization of CEMEX's internal operations, as it allows CEMEX to monitor and store customer data to continue improving the service." explains the company on its website.

AI for omnichannel service

The second brand where the AI-powered virtual assistant was implemented was in the PSB Professional Self Builders division to maintain a consistent customer experience in regions where CEMEX has no direct representation.  

Alongside Aivo's conversational AI solutions, CEMEX strengthened its omni-channel service strategy. When one of the bots is unable to answer a question or when they request a quote, the query is automatically transferred to an agent either through Aivo Live chat solution or integrated into the customer's CRM, Genesys, as long as it is during business hours.

Otherwise, the virtual assistant asks customers to fill out a form and then the agent contacts them to answer their questions once they resume their activities.

In this way, through conversational AI, CEMEX provides 24/7 assistance, offers customers a self-management channel, and provides instant solutions.

The key is to really hear what our customers are saying and provide them with channels and options to give feedback, right within our platforms for instant and meaningful responses. This way, we can use their feedback to make improvements and make sure everyone knows what actions we're taking based on their input. - Montserrat Tejerina, CEMEX Adoption Advisor

From Mexico to the world: a multilingual bot

CEMEX's success relied on its ability to scale and replicate the automation strategy used in Mexico in other countries where the company is located.  

They currently rely on Aivo’s solutions across their operations in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, the US, the Philippines, and the UK for all customer segments and products in the market. It is currently available in English and Spanish, and they are working on launching it in French, German, Arabic, and Hebrew soon; a true multilingual bot!

Regarding the implementation processes for the same support strategy in multiple countries, Montserrat Tejerina, CEMEX's Adoption Advisor, states:

"The strategy was analyzed in accordance with our online stores' market size, growth opportunity, and targets, as well as it was closely aligned with our local and global business strategy (...) It is essential for us that the teams in other countries also participate because they are the ones who know their customers best. A customer in the Philippines is different from a customer in Colombia" - Montserrat Tejerina, CEMEX Adoption Advisor.

It has been key for CEMEX to work together with the different regional strategies, localizing the virtual assistant based on the needs of each country.


Results: an international success

Thanks to its strategy, over the course of 2023 CEMEX was able to automate 45,000 inquiries in multiple countries with an effectiveness rate of 97% and an average service time of 1:42 min.  

Additionally, CEMEX improved the customer experience by integrating a feature that provides real-time updates on order status. This feature is enabled through proactive messaging from Aivo's Engage solution, creating personalized connections through SMS or WhatsApp campaigns.  

Moreover, CEMEX used Engage to send outbound messages for various informational campaigns targeting customers, internal teams, and brands, with positive results.



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