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CEMEX automates support in six countries with 90% effectiveness thanks to Artificial Intelligence




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automated queries


average response time




automated queries


average response time

A fundamental aspect to consider when implementing a customer service solution is that it can serve all customer segments, especially if they are located in different countries or speak other languages. With that in mind, CEMEX implemented Aivo's conversational artificial intelligence platform. Discover their story.

Goal: to provide a superior experience

One thing that has always distinguished CEMEX from the market has been its unwavering focus on customer experience. As a result of the pandemic, they have strengthened their digital communication strategy in the last two years, providing alternatives to traditional channels and transforming how they interact with their customers.

In this context, they implemented Aivo's web chat and WhatsApp solutions in order to provide a better experience, automate FAQs, and provide 24/7 customer service.

Implementation: two brands, two bots

Olivia, the CEMEX Go bot powered by artificial intelligence, was the first to be launched and has more than 60 FAQs in its database, assisting customers with queries related to the platform. For example, how to place or change an order, how to download an invoice, where to see your balance, etc.

“Olivia was created to provide personalized attention, which allows us to deliver better customer service, and optimize both the time and work of the customer and our sales force. In both cases, time savings, efficient information access, and clarity in the presentation of information will make it possible to allocate more resources to processes with greater value. Furthermore, this new virtual assistant will contribute to the optimization of CEMEX's internal operations, as it allows CEMEX to monitor and store customer data to continue improving the service offered to them," explains the company on its website.

The second brand where the solution was implemented is PSB Professional Self Builders, which, among other things, has the same objective as CEMEX Go: to automate processes, provide answers to FAQs, and simplify procedures with artificial intelligence.

When a bot cannot answer a question or a quote is requested, the query is automatically transferred to an agent through Live or the Genesys integration during business hours. Otherwise the bot sends a form for the customer to fill out, and the agent contacts them to answer their questions once they have returned to work. Using conversational artificial intelligence, CEMEX provides 24/7 assistance, offers customers a self-service channel, and provides instant solutions. 

From Mexico to the world: a multilingual bot

What made CEMEX's case stand out was its ability to scale and replicate the automation strategy used in Mexico in other countries where the company is located. CEMEX currently relies on Aivo's artificial intelligenec across their operations in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, the US, the Philippines, and the UK for all customer segments and products in the market.

As for languages, it is currently available in English and Spanish, and they are working on launching it in French, German, Arabic, and Hebrew soon; a true multilingual bot!

Regarding the implementation processes for the same support strategy in multiple countries, Montserrat Tejerina, CEMEX's Adoption Advisor, states:

"The strategy was analyzed in accordance with our online stores' market size, growth opportunity, and targets, as well as it was closely aligned with our local and global business strategy (...) It is essential for us that the teams in other countries also participate because they are the ones who know their customers best. A customer in the Philippines is different from a customer in Colombia" | Montserrat Tejerina, CEMEX Adoption Advisor.

In this regard, to enhance its global strategy with the conversational solution, it has been key for CEMEX to work together with the different regional strategies, localizing the bot based on the needs of each country.

Results: an international success

Thanks to its strategy, throughout 2021, CEMEX managed to automate 40 thousand queries in multiple countries with 90% effectiveness and an average response time of 2:10'.

 For this, they were recognized at Aivo Awards 2022 in the Outstanding Case of Global Expansion category. 

 "The most important thing is to listen to our customers' needs, as well as to offer them channels and options to receive feedback, embedded in our platforms so that it is immediate and relevant, and thus based on that to be able to act on this feedback and communicate widely the actions taken," adds Montserrat.


CEMEX (NYSE: CX) (BMV: CEMEXCPO) is a global construction materials company dedicated to building a better future through sustainable products and solutions. CEMEX is committed to achieving carbon neutrality through constant innovation and industry-leading research and development.

The company is at the forefront of the circular economy within the construction value chain and promotes cutting-edge processes using advanced technologies to increase the use of waste and debris as raw materials and alternative fuels in its operations.

 CEMEX offers cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and urban solutions in fast-growing global markets, driven by a multinational workforce focused on delivering a top-notch customer experience enabled by digital technologies. For more information, please visit