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monthly conversations



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"Customers are more and more demanding. While the phone is the preferred channel when submitting claims, the user chooses how, when and what channels they use to contact us". Gustavo Volonterio  - Contact Center Manager at ADT

ADT, a company with more than 140 years of experience, combines cutting-edge technology and human resources to help its clients at critical moments. Its professional monitoring system is used by more than 215,000 people for trespassing, robbery, fire and medical emergencies, whether in homes, stores or companies. Before implementing Aivo’s solutions, ADT faced two big problems: they had reduced customer service hours and they could answer only a limited number of inquiries simultaneously.

But when it comes to emergencies, they know that every second counts. That’s why they looked for solutions to make customer service even better and be more responsive to their customers' needs.

Before using Aivo´s bot, the company was logging 300 communications per month. With Aivo, ADT now reaches more than 7.000 conversations per month. Its AI bot also responds effectively to 97% of the queries it receives.

In short, ADT reached their goal: an improved user experience with quick and easy access to information.

Olivia, a 24/7 problem-solving bot

In order to kick off their strategy and help their customers at any time, ADT turned to AgentBot, Aivo’s AI conversational bot. That’s how they created Olivia, a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

During its development, they downloaded ADT's Zendesk Guide knowledge base. This integration helped speed up the creation of questions and answers.

But the main challenge was adapting that content into the best format for a chatbot. To do this, Aivo’s Onboarding team, together with the company, shaped the bot’s knowledge while leveraging AgentBot’s complements: carousels, buttons, assisted navigation, and embedded pages, among others.

This way, the AI bot was trained to answer technical support questions, general inquiries, billing concerns and sales of additional services.

But its capabilities go even further. Thanks to its natural language, complete availability and problem-solving capacity, it contributes to customer loyalty and retention, plus it generates new contacts. The latter is achieved with a form for lead generation.

In summary, the Conversational AI bot guides customers through troubleshooting their problems and offers them accurate, updated and instant information.

"The experience was excellent, and the implementation and the way we learned to use the tool were quick and simple". Gustavo Volonterio  - Contact Center Manager at ADT

Strategic and leveraged partnerships

One of the great features Aivo has developed for AgentBot is the possibility of implementing native integrations devoted to customer experience. In this case, Aivo joined forces with Zendesk to support ADT with their omnichannel strategy in customer service.

Besides importing content through Zendesk Guide, ADT integrated the bot with Zendesk Support. Because of this, they can now automate customer service processes and streamline support ticket creation and handling.

Customer experience always in mind

When people contact them in such sensitive situations, it's important to offer personalized, empathetic and efficient service. Because of this, ADT's goal was to improve and prioritize customer experience by implementing an omnichannel and customer-centric strategy.

What does this decision involve? Placing customers at the center of everything they do and offering them consistent and high-quality service on their digital communication channels.

To meet these expectations, the company was also looking to give their employees technological tools that would help them increase efficiency and productivity within their teams.

Olivia’s implementation means a big increase in customer contact and prospects for the company. Plus, it doesn't just offer 24/7 support, but it also eliminates wait times.

What does ADT value most from Aivo?

- Quick and simple implementation

- Ability to develop an omnichannel and self-service experience

- Teams that are always willing to guide them

- Having chat available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

- Great user experience

The Future for ADT: Keep Focusing on the Omnichannel Strategy

Olivia has great projects ahead. ADT plans to keep upgrading their platform in order to continue increasing their efficiency and automating more processes.

They also want to add WhatsApp Business as a new communication channel with their customers, as well as revamp their customer app, help center and virtual office.

In Gustavo's words: “We are guided by a purpose that’s driven by the customer, focused on the future and setting the customer as a priority, offering cutting-edge products and technologies, and providing accessible contact channels.”