Make progress with customer satisfaction

AI-powered solution optimized for telecommunications

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Amazing experiences across all channels

We automatically adapt service to each contact channel's capabilities for fluid, unified and natural experiences. Offer instant solutions on your customers’ preferred channel without doubling up on support work.

Aivo bot solves a multi-channel query with natural language and plugins.

Multiple understanding technologies

Our conversational artificial intelligence engine understands the wide range of your customer inquiries, including regionalisms and linguistic idiosyncrasies. It identifies the intent behind the different ways to ask the same question and answers with just the right information.

Streamline self-management

Handle claims and inquiries 24/7 and lower customer service costs at the same time. Quickly and efficiently provide instant support for Internet, cable or cell phone service outages and problems, questions on installation and more.

The Aivo bot solves a problem during the early morning hours, outside normal call center hours.

Automate and beat the sales record

Increase your opportunities with an optimized conversational bot to catch customer attention and sell more. Announce deals and new products or services, use proactive triggers and WhatsApp notifications, or add to the experience with carousels, videos, buttons, maps or assisted navigation.

Customization for your integrations

At Aivo, we develop personalized integrations so each company connects our solution to web services and APIs so that they can give their customers what they're looking for. Provide balances, download receipts, create new contacts, switch plans, and more.

Aivo bot solves a user's query using an integration.
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The collections revolution

Aivo’s collections solution automates the payment process for services and debt balance so it's more efficient for your company and more empathetic for your customers.
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From IVR to WhatsApp in just one step

Lower call center volume by transferring inquiries from your IVR to WhatsApp. The conversational bot takes over the service, decreasing wait time and increasing your customer service capacity.
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Agents right online

Transfer the conversation to an agent in real time for those more complex cases. The conversation orchestrator transfers the session without leaving the chat window for a seamless bot-human-bot experience.
Satisfaction score allows to measure and improve user satisfaction levels.

Analyze satisfaction from start to finish

With the Satisfaction Score, you’ll understand what responses generate more friction so you can continually improve the experience and reach high satisfaction levels. With our API, you’ll also be able to get Aivo’s analytics information on other data processing tools and create your own reports.

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Your success is our success

You can count on our specialized support team not just for your company’s needs, but your customers' needs, too.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way: for the onboarding process, during implementation and in the growth stage, always ready to help with your customer service strategies.