Offer instant solutions through natural phone conversations

With Voice, you can automate telephone customer service. Offer your customers natural conversations and resolution of simple or complex queries without waiting times.

Talk like you would with a live agent

With Voice, conversations are seamless thanks to Aivo's conversational engine that understands and resolves instantly. Users can interrupt conversations or change the subject whenever they prefer. The neural voices complete the experience of a near-human conversation with the naturalness of their sounds.



Automatically resolve and decrease incoming traffic

Voice acts as an intermediary between your telephone system and the agents. Receive incoming calls and resolve queries automatically, without waiting. It refers the conversation to the operator only when necessary.




Streamline processes with outgoing calls

Launch proactive and personalized campaigns with Answer Machine Detection and anticipate your customers' needs. Improve the performance of your call center while freeing up your human agents so that they can focus on more complex calls.


Answer and resolve even the most complex queries

Help users to solve tasks automatically, and quickly answer transactional queries through slot-filling: schedule appointments, book dates and more. This means that the technology extracts variables or keywords from the customer's query to understand their meaning and provide an answer.

Telephone conversational journeys

Learn and improve with every call

Thanks to the analytics dashboard, you can evaluate how your customers interact with Voice and improve the experience every day.

Have natural conversations

The conversational AI-powered engine understands the intentions of each query, informal language, and regionalisms.

Solve instantly with integrations

Transfer conversations to online agents or sales reps, offering a transparent and smooth experience. Create different service groups and direct topics to the appropriate experts.

With Voice, your company will be able to automate

FAQ’S answers

Appointment scheduling and reservations

Collection processes

Take the leap in customer service and offer a responsive experience also over the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are neural voices?

Thanks to the use of multiple Deep Neural Networks, or DNNs, for its acronym in English, neural voices offer a much clearer interaction experience, with higher audio quality and a natural sound. They are trained based on how people express themselves orally and generate audio based on pitch prediction, prosody, spectral structure, and the sound wave of speech.

Can I choose a particular voice?

Companies can choose a voice from different available voicebanks. At Aivo, we work with Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, Google WaveNet, and Microsoft Azure.

Can Voice route the conversation to an online agent?

If necessary, Voice can transfer the automated phone conversation to an online agent for further care. Keep in mind that Voice is a voice channel, so it only leads to other voice channels, not to live chat.

What is slot filling?

Slot Filling technology allows Voice to identify and extract different parameters in the user's query, such as a date, a service, a location, or a preference, to offer a response according to their specific needs. Thanks to it, in addition to solving frequently asked questions, Voice offers solutions to more complex and transactional queries, such as scheduling a medical appointment.