July 4, 2017

5 Reasons to Supercharge your Customer Support with Artificial Intelligence

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Technology has evolved, demographics have changed, and the workplace has transformed. These global behavior shifts have left a radical impact on our consumption habits.

The cognitive age is the technological revolution applied to business. Today technological solutions can process information with human-like reasoning to resolve problems. Technology has become a “must” for businesses to thrive. Incorporating digital mega-trends into the customer care strategy is key to meeting the new needs of consumers in this age of constant revolution.

The challenge for companies that provide customer support is to quickly incorporate Artificial Intelligence solutions into their operations to adapt to the new reality the cognitive age has imposed. And not die while trying.

Cognitive Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Internet of Things have not only become “buzzwords,” but are transforming customer support. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Omnichannel: the key to keeping your customers happy. With the new consumer profile of the digital revolution, companies must adapt to the hyperconnected customer, who demands immediate responses and real-time information. Solutions that use Artificial Intelligence can understand the language and rules of each channel. Help customers on their favorite channel, by adapting the messages and maintaining the experience.
  2. Automate: this is perhaps the most noticeable short-term benefit for companies. AI technologies can automate the most frequent processes, questions and transactions. This real-time resolution capability reduces operating costs for companies and increases sales and productivity. Humans are part of the equation, but now they have time to focus on complex tasks that require second-level care.
  3. Eliminate wait times: Some of the biggest customer complaints about traditional customer support channels are the long wait times and tedious phone trees. Another advantage of Artificial Intelligence solutions is that they can help an unlimited amount of customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This shift, combined with increased empathy leads to happier customers. Today we talk more about creating experiences and growing customer loyalty than fulfilling pre-established processes.
  4. Analyze large amounts of integrated data: These solutions support increased data traffic and greater speeds. The use and distribution of company knowledge and incorporation of customer data, combined with the ability to integrate with any third-party system or CRM, represents a simple, practical, low-cost way to meet your customers’ needs using existing resources.
  5. Improve and continuously evolve through customer interactions: solutions such as neural networks and machine learning learn and grow from customer interactions. Incorporate their words, ways of expressing themselves, behaviors and actions to understand customer intent more accurately each day. Solutions that utilize these technologies, such as virtual assistants, can maintain natural and coherent dialogue with a person and provide real-time solutions.A wide variety of Artificial Intelligence solutions exist for every size company. What Artifical Intelligence solutions does your company need to start offering amazing customer support?

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