July 14, 2021

6 things a no-code solution can do for your business

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Not too long ago, the thought of implementing a technological platform with no programming expertise seemed almost impossible. But the need to offer quick solutions for users and adapt to the digital transformation spurred the development of no-code tools.

It's probably obvious from the name, but these are platforms or apps that can be implemented and managed without having to know programming. Their main advantage is that they are highly intuitive and anyone can use them without needing a tech team. Want to find out more?

1. There's beauty in simplicity

The main thing about no-code solutions is they're much simpler. But this doesn’t mean design is pushed aside: interfaces are user-friendly, designed to offer the best experience without too many steps or complex requirements.

For instance, our platform lets you to add resources like videos, images, buttons, flows, forms, assisted navigation and maps to create an amazing user experience. Plus, the session can be transferred to an agent intuitively and efficiently. You can also create conditions to personalize the experience for different audiences or based on the contact channel.

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2. Greater autonomy

Since it doesn't require technical skills, anyone from any company can manage the platform without having to contact a development team or depend on an external provider.

With Aivo, the customer service solution is designed to easily load intents, edit content and post on all channels and can be managed whenever and as often as customers want. Either way, our team is available to provide assistance whenever you need it.

3. Less code, more speed

Implementation, launching and maintenance times are much simpler because teams can move faster and more efficiently. It also means more freedom to try new things and get key information at the right time.

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4. Free your tech team to develop other things

Does all this mean you don’t need a technical team? Of course not. But it does mean developers will have more time to devote to more complex projects like product design, user experience or research, where they can really capitalize on their knowledge.

5. Optimize implementation costs

One thing you probably know, but it’s worth repeating: when you eliminate continual support from a provider or development team and you improve execution times, you can reduce costs.

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6. Adapted to your business needs

A good no-code solution shouldn’t be a standard package forcibly added to your company’s process. The best one adapts to your goals and needs, and is functional for your team’s requirements.

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Aivo’s solution: Customer service without a single line of code

Our platform lets you manage customer interaction content across different channels, answer naturally, and upload and edit content with just a click. It also adapts to the needs of different industries, creating an authentic experience and making self-management easier.

If you want to learn more about how our no-code solution works, contact one of our specialists.

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