September 10, 2020

Aivo ranked as Leader in G2's Intelligent Virtual Assistant category

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We’re thrilled to announce that Aivo was recognized as Leader in G2's Intelligent Virtual Assistant category.

The grid ranks all conversational solutions available on the market based on feedback from more than 800,000 users. Here's a little more about it.

About G2

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage technology. Their goal? To  empower business buying decisions by going to the most reliable source: the customers themselves.

They combine user feedback with industry presence in order to rate every provider. The result is a chart showing the current status of each market, with every provider's rank according to their score.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant: Aivo’s new category

If you read our blog a lot, this all probably sounds familiar. It’s not the first time Aivo's ranked as Leader in G2.

Actually, we’ve appeared in their reports since Summer 2019, among the most outstanding solutions of the market. The first time we ranked as High Performer and the next four times as Leaders.

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That said, we’ve been leading the chabot category for the last couple years. While this is a highly competitive category, what really differentiates Aivo’s solution is its ability to speak naturally and learn from user interactions

Unlike chatbots developed with structured conversational flows, AgentBot uses different kinds of AI to boost its performance and provide a better experience. 

That’s why this season we decided to apply for the Intelligent Virtual Assistant category.

To better understand the category change, let’s look at the main benefits AI adds to a conversational solution for CX.

1.   Talk with your customers naturally

The first step to building long and meaningful relationships with your customers is by talking to them. And this doesn’t mean starting a conversation with buttons and flows. Instead, it’s about letting them express themselves.

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The difference between a chatbot and an AI virtual assistant is that the latter can hold open conversations with users. Its main feature is that it understands typos, regionalisms, informal language and even emojis!

Plus, through deep learning, it understands questions regardless of the way they're asked and captures their true intention.

So they can have real conversations with customers and not just a limited flow of structured questions and answers.

2.   Provide a problem-solving experience

Besides letting your customers communicate with you naturally, it’s also a good idea to let them to do it on their preferred channel whenever they want.

With the help of AI, you’ll have a virtual assistant available 24/7 for your customers. It’ll be in charge of solving issues automatically, across multiple channels and asynchronously. All this is key in order to improve the experience and provide efficient service.

3.   Manage your bot quickly and easily

Even though conversational AI is sophisticated, the solutions specifically developed for CX are conveniently intuitive and easy to use.

This is important so that your agents can change content, analyze metrics and handle customers from a single platform.

This is a really big advantage during the onboarding process. In just a few weeks, the platform can be ready to boost your strategy.

4.   Empower your agents

AI doesn't just work by itself. It can also be a great teammate!

With its learning capabilities, it can make your agents’ work easier by detecting FAQs and suggesting the best answer option for each issue.

A top-notch support team

At the end of the day, no matter how powerful the technology is, a solution is nothing without a support team that can adapt it to the needs of each business. And this is the quality most highlighted by our customers and what we’re most proud of.

When we say the experience is our top priority, we're also talking about our own customers.

To guarantee good service, Aivo has a CX specialized support team committed to providing efficient and personalized service. The goal? Helping our customers reach their highest potential through our solutions.

Have you read all the reviews?

Like we always say, we're proud that it’s not only our technology that got us here, but also the power of people committed to nurturing and strengthening the bonds with our customers.

If you want to learn more about how our solutions help different companies provide an excellent experience, you can read more feedback in our G2 profile.

And if you want to know more about how our solutions can help your business, don't wait to schedule a demo with one of our representatives.

Are you looking for new ways to improve your CX?

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