November 30, 2021

Automated and empathetic service: Jeitto Crédito shares how fintech can be even more efficient

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Credit negotiation, debt payment, or the need for a loan are sensitive issues, but they can be more agile and practical if handled well by the company. Jeitto, a Brazilian financial app, included conversational AI in their routine to improve customer relationships, constantly improving and innovating with new service opportunities for the customers.   

Lígia Braga, Head of Product-Led Sales at Aivo, talks with Patrícia Marques, Head of Operations at Jeitto, about the strategy to optimize service and increase satisfaction in fintech. 

24/7 digital service

How do you see the evolution of customer service on digital channels in recent years?

All our service is done digitally, by email, Jeitto's app, or through social networks. As the volume was growing, we looked for a way for us to be able to serve the client, but we also identified that many times, we were contacted to clarify doubts that did not necessarily require human assistance. Therefore, with a well-structured solution and without human interaction, using this new tool would help without increasing costs. By implementing Aivo’s solutions, we achieved greater efficiency, customer satisfaction, and a reduction in the volume of inquiries solved by agents. 

A point that draws attention is how easier it is for customers to deal with their issues through digital channels rather than with human service. Sometimes, human service ends up retracting the customer. We also provide greater agility, as we are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers want an answer and they want it soon. 

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And what made your customer service stand out in 2021?

The client is getting self-service assistance not only to solve inquiries but also to make important negotiations through integrations that we included as soon as we implemented the Aivo solution.

For example, a customer who is late in payment and has to negotiate a debt. Before, they could only do this with human assistance, which meant contacting customer service on defined days and times. A large volume of tickets arrived and messages were often not resolved on the first attempt. But with the implementation of Aivo's solutions, today it’s possible for the customer to find solutions on Saturday or Sunday, at dawn or during a holiday. And this brought a great gain for us, not only in terms of customer satisfaction but also in terms of credit recovery. 

You were distinguished in Aivo Awards 2021 for your banking integrations. What kinds of questions does the bot answer to improve this experience?

The main goal of the project was to understand what our customers need to know, what they want to know and, what they could have the answer to without using human assistance. We then mapped what was happening in the different sectors, such as credit, loans, account limits, among others. And we realized that there was a very large volume of customers reaching out to us and often the answer from customer service was “OK, in 2 business days your account will be updated”. And then we were able to answer all of this with the bot automatically: limits, invoice payment, app questions and payment inquiries.

The integration of debt through the bot has brought a giant relief. With customers’ CPF, they can request their debt and we show it on the bot itself so that they can pay it just with one click to confirm. From then on, for security and documentation, they automatically receive a ticket referring to that negotiation.

And some studies show that people trade better with bots than with humans. Sometimes they are shy about negotiating, so it's much easier and we free up the service team to resolve other customer issues where human service is needed.

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Conscious credit and customer satisfaction

What is Jeitto's main vision to make customers happy in the financial sector?

We always try to give quality service, because people often think that Fintechs don’t have the same level as “big banks”, but that's our priority. We approach the customer with affection: we are a company that works with credit, but we always try to give conscious credit. We don't want them to have problems due to excessive debt, but to see Jeitto as a partner when they need it most. We want to make their lives easier. 

And we received good feedback from customers, with comments such as "you helped me to renovate my son's room", "I was able to buy more material to be able to resell", so that's how we try to be close to the customer, not treating them like they are one more from the crowd, but as “The customer”. This is essential.

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