May 31, 2019

How to Connect Hubspot and Mailchimp to a Chatbot to Increase Sales

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Waking up and having an endless list of leads waiting to be contacted is what most of us dream about.

And now it's not that far from happening.

Aside from automating customer service, AI chatbots also help in sales. These lead generating machines can guide your customers through the sales funnel and get them that much closer to a valuable purchase.

How do they do this?

Here’s a hint: teamwork

Integrate, Automate, Sell

If you have an online business or a website where the goal is to generate new sales, a chatbot with IA will not only take care of your customers’ inquiries, but will also help you widen your lead base.

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Interacting with your customers makes a difference for your company. If the experience is positive, they won’t hesitate to share their data in order to keep in touch with you.

Facebook Messenger, web chat, SMS: your customers can reach you through many channels. And each of them gives you the opportunity to turn anonymous users into potential customers.

This is why it’s vital that you offer integrated digital channels for smooth, personalized and high-quality communication.

To put it briefly, if you want your virtual assistant to complement your sales strategy, your channel integration is the first step.

This also applies to software. The ideal chatbot is one that connects to the apps you use everyday.

Many virtual assistants already offer native integrations. But if that's not the case or you need to connect it to different apps, there are platforms that can do this for you.

One of them is Zapier.

This is a free and easy to use online resource. Trust us, we tried it and we succeeded in linking everything in just a few steps.

Here’s where the second stage begins: automation.

By using Zapier to connect your chatbot to other online software, you can create automatic workflows, or zaps, between them.

This means it’s no longer necessary for you to enter data manually. With Zapier, you can set up your virtual assistant so it automatically triggers an action in another app. Basically, it'll do the heavy lifting for you.

Thanks to this, you’ll optimize resources, more easily manage your contacts and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

In short, you’ll increase your sales opportunities without increasing costs.

Automation for Sales: Why connect AgentBot to Hubspot and Mailchimp?

Zapier has more than 1,000 apps available. It would be impossible to explain how each one works. This is why we chose two that you probably already know, so you can better understand the process.

Streamline Customer Management with Hubspot

Managing relationships with customers can take up a lot of time. When the to-do list is long, every minute counts. But if you want to get sales opportunities and keep your current customers happy, this task is the most important one.

This is why your tools have to solve problems instead of creating them.

Connecting a chatbot to Hubspot through Zapier gives you the chance to automate different workflows and take some weight off your shoulders.

For example, you can design a zap between the chatbot and the CRM with the goal of creating new contacts within your base. When users interact with the chatbot and offer their contact information, that'll be automatically transferred to your Hubspot account.

You can also choose to update contacts, create tickets, manage forms, and more.

Once you get new leads, a CRM like Hubspot will redirect them to the company department that will keep nurturing the relationship. You can do this redirection manually, although it’ll likely take forever.

By connecting the chatbot, leads can be redirected automatically to the right department, whether it’s marketing, sales, after sales or customer service.

So if you already manage customers effectively with Hubspot, linking it with the virtual assistant does away with copying and pasting information the old way.

Simplify the Relationship with Prospects with Mailchimp

Getting in touch periodically with your customers is key for them to be closer and loyal to the brand. But it would be a bummer if your email marketing strategy didn’t get the expected outcomes just because you don’t have enough time to organize it correctly.

If you already use a bulk email platform like Mailchimp, you’re halfway there.

By connecting Mailchimp to your chatbot through Zapier, you’ll have a strong tool that suits your needs.

For example, you’ll be able to configure a trigger in order to transfer contacts from the chatbot to your account and group them based on certain features. This way, it’ll be easier to send personalized content to several people simultaneously. This process is useful for adding contacts to a newsletter or a lead-nurturing database.

This is how you’ll remain present among your prospects. And when the time comes for a purchase, your company will be more likely to be first on their list.

You also have the chance to send welcome emails to a single user, create a campaign, follow-up on a contact, add new contacts or delete the ones who unsubscribe. And all of this automatically.

So while you keep prospects up-to-date with your company news, you strengthen trust in the brand and build solid relationships with them.

Like we said, these are only two examples. If you want to learn more, we have an article you’ll definitely love.

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Super-connected chatbots

When the tools are coordinated in order to meet your goals, increasing leads will stop being that distant dream.

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Automate your tasks with a chatbot and don’t miss a single sale!

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