February 28, 2019

Aivo’s CEO, Martín, is the protagonist of our first #AskMeAnything

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Since people are the most important part of a company, we launched this new initiative so that you can get to know Aivo family a little more. Martín Frascaroli, our CEO, was the guest of honor of the first #AskMeAnything. He answered questions users sent us via Instagram, and he talked about the routine and product of the company. He also shared his personal history and career, his opinion about the technology industry and gave advice for entrepreneurs.

If you want to discover the most popular questions of the interview, keep reading!

The most popular questions

-How did you come up with Aivo and Agentbot?

-I came up with Agentbot, Aivo’s first solution, because in our previous company we used to develop software for Contact Centers. Going to the Contact Center and watching five thousand people reading a screen and having to wait fifteen minutes for a person to read the screen seemed old-fashioned to me as a user. The experience was not good and it had to be improved. Giving people their time back was the driver to create Agentbot.

-What makes Aivo's solution the best?

-Our solution is the best because we take into account the whole customer service chain and we work to achieve a great experience, both for the user and for the company. It is not just a component but a comprehensive solution that helps the company improve the Customer Service from the user side through an amazing experience.

-What is your advice for entrepreneurs who are trying to venture into the technology industry?

-Starting out something is fun. The journey is really rough and painful. It’s very hard but gaining momentum in the technology industry and finding the first customers is the most complicated part. The main advice here is “do not to wait for the product to be perfect”. That is the mistake of most technological entrepreneurs I see. They waste lots of time believing that their product has to be perfect when, actually, they have to listen to the client and let it grow little by little. I think that is the greatest advice within the technology industry.

-How should an entrepreneur look for a financing source to start a business?

-In my opinion, you should tell everyone about it. Get others excited about your ideas and that will bring you the money. Looking for money is difficult. But I think the best thing to do at the beginning is to surround yourself by people you trust and who would fall in love with your product.

-Which is the right moment to launch a product?

-There isn’t a perfect moment to launch a product. If we could look into the future, it would be always easy to make decisions. I think you’ll know when will be the right moment, just follow your instinct and the information you have. There is no right moment because, if so, everyone would be doing the same and would be successful.

-Which are your three priorities for this year?

-The first one is global growth. The second is to reinforce the concept of corporate culture: that we keep finding, evolving and redefining ourselves as a company. And the third is to travel.

Want to learn more?

If you’re eager to discover the rest of the answers, you can find the full video of the interview on our YouTube channel. And if there are questions you’d like to ask, do not hesitate to send them over!

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