December 16, 2020

Satisfaction Score: how to improve the experience with data science

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An obsession with information: that's the perspective that should guide every decision. And when it comes to customer service, behind every intelligent virtual assistant interaction is a gold mine of data waiting to be turned into opportunities for improvement.

Are you taking advantage of this information to offer an incredible experience?

Do you have the necessary resources to learn from your customers?

At Aivo, the need to go one step further with CX prompted us to create the Satisfaction Score: a new tool to improve satisfaction based on what customers want.

Improving satisfaction  

Operational reports are important when you analyze the solution's performance, but they only tell half the story: we know what the service is like, but we don't understand the reason for these results.

What action resulted in high customer satisfaction? What's there to do if satisfaction is low?

It all starts with measurement. To improve satisfaction you must first know what the situation is. To do this, you can activate satisfaction surveys at the end of the bot conversations with your customers.

These surveys are useful here because they'll allow you to evaluate the experience from different rating systems

Once you launch the satisfaction surveys, it's time for the next step.

Here comes the Satisfaction Score.

All about the Satisfaction Score

How did this new tool happen?

“We're looking to use the information we have to understand why some questions are not satisfactory. And it doesn't have to do with artificial intelligence, but with a company's decision about what answers to give. Improving that is complex and we feel responsible for creating an environment for that to happen.”
Martin Frascaroli, Aivo CEO & Founder.

The Satisfaction Score is fed by the ratings your customers assign to the sessions with the Conversational AI chatbot through satisfaction surveys.

Using data science, it performs a calculation that scores each question uploaded to the platform. This score represents how important that question is to the customer experience.

Previously, to calculate this score, companies had to download reports and analyze them one by one to relate different data.

This learning tool makes this job easier. It reads 100% of the interactions between customers and the company, orders them, and using mathematical calculations, identifies which content impacts satisfaction the most, whether negatively or positively.

With this information, you can then check the specific answers that aren't performing as expected and decide whether they need an update or a major makeover to redefine the stategy.

From the Satisfaction section of the platform, you'll be able to view a detailed table with ranking intents and different associated metrics.

Why is it important to get a report like the Satisfaction Score?

• You can identify what questions need a little more work and revision. 

• It helps prioritize your focus and improve content that you know will have a direct impact on satisfaction. 

• It shows concrete ways to improve customer experience. From the Satisfaction section in the Analytics menu, you can test each question and edit it with just a click.

• It helps with reducing friction on digital channels.

A surprising experience makes all the difference

In short, these are the 3 key points of the article: 

1. Continuous learning is the basis for improving customer service every day.

2. Customers know what information they need. Listen to them. 

3. Sometimes, companies already have the necessary data to improve experience. They just need the right tools to process and transform them in strategic actions to improve service.

To find out more about how Satisfaction Score can improve your CX, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists

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