November 29, 2021

Thinking ahead and building together: how InvenIT wants to improve the customer experience

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Keeping an eye on trends and creating a rich ecosystem to build stronger businesses and projects: these are points that Aivo shares with InvenIT, Featured Partner in Aivo Awards 2021. With more than 20 years in the market, the Brazilian company is a specialist in technological solutions and digital transformation.

Lígia Braga, Head of Product-Led Sales at Aivo, talks with Carlos Pereira, CEO of Invenit, about customer experience and vision for the future.

Focusing on CX and efficiency

Tell us a little about Invenit and how it helps improve the customer experience for businesses.

Invenit arose from an idea on how to approach a very clear issue, which is the transformation of the Customer Relationship market towards this transition to Customer Experience. There was a gap between what we could do, what the technology, the market, the trends were causing, and what actually happened. The idea was to bring real efficiency to this process.

We started by analyzing experience management, understanding that technology is not an end but a means. And, like everything else, it is a tool that increasingly becomes more complete and it contributes a lott, but it obviously depends on a slightly more analytical vision of what we will do with it, what we intend to build, how we help customers interact with companies and how companies will be more assertive in this conversation.

We do not recognize ourselves as a technology company, but as a CX company, a process, business and solutions company, always with a multidisciplinary approach to projects and always concerned with understanding how to achieve success.

We always evaluate with the client if the technology implemented is generating the expected value and adoption, if the people who will have to deal with it every day understand it and can use it as they used other technologies with the same smoothness. If any of the answers is negative, our work is not done. And we are dedicated to always being partners, building this experience on a daily-basis.

And speaking of the customer, we look both ways because there is always an internal client: there is no CX without EX (Employee Experience), since much of the work must involve the employee to be satisfied, surprised, advocating for the brand, for the company they work for, building this experience also with a customer at the center.

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And how does working with Aivo help to achieve these goals? What attracted you to this ecosystem?

There are some truths in the market, just as we see certain truths that do not generate a real result. One of the great questions that we have seen is what lies behind the word Bot. Sort of what happens as well with the Cloud, which implies a combination of factors that are summed up in a buzzword, when in reality we have multiple visions of what "software in the cloud" really is.

It's the same with a bot, in the market we can find softwares from simple solutions or selection menus to really smart conversational tools. And when we entered the world of AI and conversational intelligence, we noticed it was really hard for companies to maintain and develop these solutions continuously regarding content curation and intelligence development, a process that still relied heavily on an IT team.

And it was a surprise when we found Aivo's proposal to solve problems, bringing the bot closer to those who handle it, allowing them to build intentions or analyze performance. Thus, it is no longer necessary to have so many intermediaries, neither from the IT team, nor Invenit’s team, nor the customer to deal with this.

Regarding timing, we see that people start to see results very quickly, which motivates the project and makes the initiative work. Working with Aivo was the way to be well inserted in the use of conversational AI.

How do you see the communication between people and clients in the coming years?

The first big challenge is for companies that are still reluctant to understand that the customer experience is worth investing in and will increasingly be forced to tackle this issue as importantly as other investment decisions. You have to start seeing the customer service / experience area as a source of income and not as a source of costs or simply as an operational department.

Looking ahead, we cannot look forward to, literally, flying cars and assume that everything else is not a priority. We mainly see in the market for small and medium-sized companies that this is still a very clear issue. In larger companies or more consolidated markets, I think the challenge is about omnichannel, the discussion of “why am I going to focus on one service channel or another? How am I going to structure this?”. This might be ending the consolidation of omnichannel to start thinking about the paths and objectives of the customer relationship, no longer about the interaction and the relationship.

The expectation of the end of the pandemic brings with it the desire to have face-to-face contact again, to resume human relationships. This is another very important opportunity for companies that are also digitized to follow this movement of how they become physically present or close to their clients, because this is a necessity. People seek it out even for psychological reasons, according to some studies. Basically, these would be the challenges: how to continue to integrate offline with online, how to consolidate the omnichannel experience and how to overcome the discussion of “Is it worth investing in experience?”.

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Customer service trends and technologies

Thinking about innovation strategies, what is Invenit betting on for the next few years?

One of the points that we work on is linked to the methodology, how to convert natural conversations into a smooth self-service in the day-to-day of an experience project. We want to encourage customers to speed up the experimentation and innovation process.

Another path we've invested in is improving data usage and analytics. The proper use of tools and the volume of data that we have available today is still at an early stage in the CX area. Many decisions are still formed based on uncorrelated metrics or information structures that are not well evaluated. We want to simplify this by involving AI.

And what should be the priorities for companies, thinking about customer experience and technology?

Companies have to understand what generates a good experience, what differentiates the brand and what makes it complicated to later understand how to take action. The new generation, for example, are decision makers from an early age, with a bank account, financial means to face consumption and they are people who avoid phone calls to solve problems. The digital relationship will be a text relationship, through the channels and social networks that are appearing now that will be consolidated in two years. WhatsApp itself, which we use so much today, might become less popular in a few years and other new channels will emerge.

Understanding the new practices, trends and generations to come is essential, as it marks a general transformation of the market. The pandemic, like any economic movement that occurs after a crisis, also brings an economic crisis, with markets, companies, and entire regions in bankruptcy. In this context, other companies will take over and when that happens, new ones will emerge. Entirely new economies are emerging right now, right before our eyes, and we have to understand that this is going to happen and that they are going to consolidate in the next two years. When we talk about strategic planning for companies, it is usually short term. Short or medium term, for some. For startups, this is almost in the long run.

And what is Invenit's expectation for 2022?

We expect to continue growing, continue being a good partner, be able to end these last two years (a very heavy and conflictive cycle in many aspects), start building a new economy, and also help our clients to achieve this as well. 

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