March 20, 2018

Virtual Assistants: Why is Call to Action (CTA) the star?

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Are you creating a virtual assistant but have not yet decided how you will present it to your customers?It is possible to have a chatbot with good content, integrated knowledge and an interaction window with the latest design trends. But it will be hard to achieve your goal of improving customer support through a virtual assistant if you do not take into account the importance of enhancing it with CTAs.

You need your customers to find support in a simple, easy and quick way. If you have developed an artificial intelligence solution to optimize your customer service, show it and offer it so it interacts with your customers.

Where should the CTA be placed? What text should go with it? How should it be displayed?

There are 3 simple keys to optimizing your CTA and boosting your virtual assistant:

1. Don't hide it!

Websites are usually full of buttons and banners that can create confusion and distractions.

  • Place your CTA where it will be easily found. It will have the most visibility on the center-left margin.
  • Leave free space around the button so it does not blend with the other elements of your site so that it stands out and is quickly recognizable.
  • Avoid making the customer browse through a maze of menus or sections to reach the bot since help should be the first thing you offer a customer who is looking to make a purchase or solve a need about your brand.
CTA example agentbot

2. Call to action with a simple and attractive text

The first thing a person does when they are looking for help is to look for a sign. Apart from finding it easily, they want their query to be solved on the spot, and that is what your virtual assistant is for. Use simple phrases to attract the click that will start a conversation.

CTA examples agentbot

3. Give it a makeover

If you want all eyes on your button, it needs to be interesting and attractive.

  • A GIF or animated CTA will be much more effective than a static image.
Animated CTA AgentBot

What if we use an avatar? This will mean more empathy and more clicks.

CTA avatar AgentBot

In our experience, switching from a static and badly placed avatar to an attractive, visible and dynamic one can increase the questions received by up to 138%.

  • Does your brand already have a mascot? You can use it on your CTA and create more empathy with your customers. For example, Movistar México uses its mascot, Nikko, who has different versions according to the time of the year.
CTA Nikko Movistar bot

Try these tips if your virtual assistant is missing a good CTA! You will see how a few changes can have great results.

Are you looking for new ways to improve your CX?

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