November 29, 2019

[Webinar] Black Friday: How to Offer Better Experiences and Sell More

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On Black Friday, sales and questions increase drastically. Customer Service tends to have a lot of work, and if the experience doesn’t go well, it may result in losing customers. Find out how to keep up and sell more while enhancing customer experience.

Sales off the charts

When Black Friday rolls around, sales skyrocket to stratospheric heights, and Customer Service cannot fall behind. According to Black Friday Global‘s last record, global sales increased by 663% at this time in 2018. In Latin America, the countries with the highest records were Peru (841%), Brazil (819%), Argentina (470%), and Colombia (630%).

Act like your customers

To better understand the Black Friday phenomenon, we need to understand its driving force: customers. In Latin America, peak hours for buying and asking questions are from 11am-3pm, and again from 6pm-9pm.

In order to not lose any sales opportunity, you must be on the other side of the screen when customers are, especially during peak hours. Automating Customer Service can be a huge advantage, primarily during out-of-office hours.

Putting ourselves in their shoes and thinking about their routines and free time, for instance, will help us to better understand their demands.

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Ready, set... Go!

In this scenario, the following questions arise: How can we be prepared? How can we take advantage of every sales opportunity? Why should we automate Customer Service? How can we deliver an incredible customer experience?

This time, we’ll start with the final question.

Experience is everything

According to a PwC study, 49% of people in Latin America would stop buying a brand after having a bad experience. The price to pay for a bad experience can be very high, and the margin of error is zero. So, how can you offer exceptional customer experience?

  1. Speed: Answer a large number of questions immediately, 24/7.
  2. Convenience and consistency: Are you where your customers are? Use a true omnichannel strategy and reply to them through their preferred channels, delivering the same incredible experience throughout all of them.
  3. Empathy: Nothing says "you don't deserve my money" like poor, cold, and distant Customer Service treatment. Friendly, decisive, and natural treatment is the secret ingredient that gives these sales a special flavor (and increases them).

Real solutions

Automating Customer Service is the key to taking advantage of every Black Friday sales opportunity. Next, we’ll share the digital solutions with artificial intelligence that make it possible. Virtual Assistants, also known as chatbots or bots, virtual assistants are ideal during this time of year. In addition to 24/7 service, they offer instant answers to huge amounts of frequently asked questions. However, this is not only about the number of answers, but also answer quality. Enhanced by artificial intelligence, they engage in conversations with human empathy and natural dialogues, as if they were real people. They can also understand typos, regionalisms, and informal language.

Adding content to bots is very simple. If you already have AgentBot,, you can import special content for Black Friday from Marketplace.

Live Chat

When questions are more complex and cases require human attention, a live chat is the best solution. With Live, human agents can talk to customers in real and asynchronous time, answering all their questions. Agents can also see suggested answers detected from questions already asked, monitor every conversation, and create customer profiles, being able to transfer back to the bot at any time.

Virtual Assistants in Telephone Channels

Voice assistants are automated solutions for Customer Service in telephone channels. For instance, Aivo’s solution, Voice, works as a support channel feeding from AgentBot-generated knowledge.

It understands the intention behind each message, uses everyday language, and replies to frequently asked questions. Managing its knowledge is very simple, and it has integrations for transactional information.

Knowledge Microsites

In times of high demand, people like to quickly search for information about products and services on their own. A knowledge microsite, such as Help, empowers agents and improves the self-service experience.

It allows for generating content from the AgentBot platform in HTML format to make documents available in a search engine or website.

This is an ideal solution in times like these because companies can easily standardize and manage their knowledge. It’s another channel in favor of Customer Service that works with the same bot and the same engine. No matter how many different ways the same question is asked, the bot answers and provides the information customers need.

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The winning formula

This Black Friday, automate your Customer Service, offer incredible experiences, and sell more.

How? By combining the speed of automation with the convenience of an omnichannel strategy and the empathy of conversational AI.

Are you ready to win?

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