July 2, 2021

Why your bot answers need complements

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Maybe you've heard or read about complements, those interactive tools meant to enhance your customers' conversational experience.

They're so important for your AI bot that they deserve their own blog post.

Today's the day! Discover what we mean when we talk about complements, what they are, and how they can help improve your customer service.

What are complements?

Answers from an AI bot don't have to be just words or emojis. Complements are different features that transform plain and simple dialogue into conversation that's more appealing, interactive and effective. 

Videos, buttons, maps, carousels: there are so many options that can adapt to different needs and objectives. Most of them have a no-code setup so any team can easily add them to answers without needing help from IT.

Let's go through them:


Videos are a great element when your answers need a thorough explanation and using only text makes them too long for a chat format. Plus, if you already have videos on your products or services, customer stories or use cases, this feature lets you take advantage of your existing content.

To load a video, you'll first need to upload it to YouTube. Videos here need to be set as public or unlisted.


Cobrowsing brings your customers from one section of your site to another where they'll find the information they're looking for. Even though the user switches pages, the bot keeps the conversation open to pick up on the chat after the redirect. 

The advantage of this complement is that instead of answering with a link or description of where the customer should go, you'll save them clicking and answer their question quickly and directly.

Embedding pages

Another way to upgrade your answers is by embedding a page. This will be shown in the conversational bot's plug-in window (which you'll see to the left of the chat window). This is ideal when you want to show a map with branch locations or a form somewhere else on your website. 

You have to keep two key issues in mind with this complement:

-  When you set it up, make sure the URL you enter is from a responsive site so it can adjust in the bot's plug-in window. 

-  Remember that not all sites can be embedded.


Carousels are perfect for showing customers new products or different business services. You can create an image gallery that can be linked through buttons to other questions already loaded in the bot or links of interest (internal or external).

Images can be uploaded from your files and should be either .jpg or .png. For a web channel, there's no image limit, but don't forget about usability when creating a carousel.


Buttons are versatile compliments you can use in a variety of cases. You can include them in a welcome message with a shortcut to FAQs, or suggest specific content you want your customers to see. They're also perfect within answers when you need to give multiple options for something. Buttons are also great alongside other complements like carousels, integrations and videos.

There are 3 types of buttons:

-  Buttons that connect one intent with another within the same bot knowledge.

-  Buttons that open a website URL in a new window.

-  Buttons that open a website URL in the same window.


This complement adds a PDF file to an answer, either from a URL or uploaded from a local file so the user can download it. This is useful when you need to share business brochures, guides, catalogs and basically any other type of material in this format. 

There's a limit on file size of 2 MB max.


With a transfer, you can add a person into the conversation at any time, thus providing a transparent and smooth bot-human-bot service. 

Why is this important?

Because sometimes companies want certain kinds of questions to be handled by a human. Generally speaking, this is mostly done with more complex questions, like if the customer wants a loan or if their card was rejected when trying to make a purchase.

At Aivo, we have our own live chat but you can also integrate other platforms like Genesys or Zendesk chat.

When you set it up, you can also personalize the message your customer will see before being transferred.


With this plug-in your bot can show an embedded URL outside the chat window. In the chat, the customer will see a button and when they click on it, it'll open a pop-up window with the selected page.

This is the perfect tool when you already have a form created on your site and you want to use it in the bot conversation. You can also embed an executive's agenda so that your clients can coordinate meetings directly from the bot.

And like the “Embedding pages” complement, remember that not every website can be embedded.

Support tickets and creating contacts

This deals with different complements but has the same goal: easily create support tickets or new contacts from the bot. 

With Aivo's platform, customers can opt for native integrations that connect their bots to their Zendesk Support or Salesforce accounts. Once they're set up (you don't have to know programming to do it), you can select those complements when creating the bot's answers.


When we talk about “Integration”, we mean self-service integrations a company can use to connect the platform with other systems and exchange data this way. For example, they're super important for questions about a balance or order status.

There are two types: email form and data form. This may be the only complement where you'll need some basic JSON knowledge. But with the technical information handy, any team can build their own integrations.

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Start elevating conversations

After reviewing these complements, you can see you have a lot of options when it's time to add that innovative touch your customer service could use.

Our team of experts is more than ready if you want to keep talking about how to offer a natural and efficient conversational experience. You can schedule a chat here. Let's stay in touch!

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