July 31, 2018

Zendesk and Aivo, the Best of Human and Automated Customer Support Combined

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This week we're announcing our partnership with... Zendesk! Zendesk is a world leader customer service and engagement platform. Our own virtual assistant, AgentBot, will be available on the Zendesk Marketplace to integrate with Zendesk Chat using the Conversations API.

zendesk chat - agentbot

This joint solution allows companies that are already using Zendesk Chat to round out their service offerings by adding automated support within the same window. The integration and is now available in Zendesk’s Marketplace for Chat apps.

“This alliance is a big boost for our solutions and global expansion. Our goal with this integration is to simplify customer service by streamlining processes and offering enhanced experiences that give users their time back,” points out Martin Frascaroli, Aivo CEO.

How does it work

This integration provides customers using Zendesk Chat with the flexibility to embed AgentBot into their real-time support experience. Using AgentBot, customers can create chatbots that are tailored to the specific needs of their business in a matter of minutes. Only login details are required and no additional technical support is needed. Our joint solution also makes it seamless to transfer questions from bots to a human agent or to a specific team that best fits a customer’s needs (support, sales, etc.).

While AgentBot takes care of the simpler tasks, human chat agents behind Zendesk Chat can focus on more complex and sensitive support issues or even up-selling. Companies that leverage this joint solution will benefit from automated responses to simple tasks, 24/7 customer service, and seamless handovers from chatbots to human agents. This means increased support and reduced operating costs. As a result, companies will be able to be well-positioned to ramp up their service capacity and capitalize on the time spent with each customer.

Learn all about our Zendesk Chat integration

“Customers today want to help themselves, as autonomously as possible, and expect companies to facilitate this DIY approach. Chat as a channel is a great medium to provide such type of help. Our new chatbot solution powered by the Conversations API will provide businesses the option to incorporate automation into their customers support strategy to provide even faster solutions for simple and common requests, while also freeing-up human agents for more complex issues. We’re really excited to be working with AIVO on this integration between the Conversations API and AgentBot,” stated Alex Barrera, Regional Vice President of Zendesk for Latin America, about the announcement.

We'll be showcasing this integration and partnership at Zendesk’s upcoming event “The Future of Customer Experience” that will take place on August , in Sao Paulo. Don't miss it!

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