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Web chat, WhatsApp y Facebook Messenger



of queries are automated through WhatsApp


of leads are generated through AgentBot


increase in automated queries


of queries are automated through WhatsApp


of leads are generated through AgentBot


increase in automated queries

Providing instant, 24/7 support through customers’ most preferred channels is key for any kind of company and industry. But when it comes to health, having this resource is a must.

Sipssa Medicina Privada, a well-known prepaid health insurance company in Argentina, resolves all kinds of member queries through its conversational bot with artificial intelligence, and even provides immediate assistance in emergency situations. This is their story.

Goal: being just a message away from members

Before implementing Aivo's conversational AI platform, Sipssa's main challenge was reducing response times for its members, since they were experiencing up to 48-hour delays through phone and email channels. Providing 24/7 availability and immediate responses was key for them in being closer to their members.

That’s how they came to Aivo with very clear goals:


●       Reducing the amount of pending messages;

●       Providing 24-hour customer service to members;

●       Being able to receive online referrals from people interested in becoming members;

●       Rating representative service in customer experience;

●       Improving customer service for members by providing adequate information;

●       Optimizing and measuring response times in each process;

●       Systematizing processes without needing representative assistance.

With this in mind, they developed Sipssi, the conversational AI bot powered by Aivo's technology. To implement it, they formed an interdisciplinary work team, listed the improvement proposals they were hoping to attain and identified the issues that could be answered 100% by Sipssi as well as those that would require representative intervention.

They also created two different ways to start a conversation with the bot. The first one is an administrative service for members, with the goal of providing regular processing assistance. The second one is a commercial service for non-members whose goal is to capture leads and complement the sales strategy.

Implementation: omnichannel and complete service

Once the strategy was defined, the bot was implemented in WhatsApp, Facebook and on the website. These channels work as support tools and sources of new member data entry, since they have a commercial form integrated in their CRM. The most used channel is WhatsApp, which automatically responds to almost 90% of the inquiries received 24/7.

In any of the three channels, Sipssi can assist customers with the following processes:

●       Authorizations: It tells them how to submit a doctor’s order and what to do in case it’s expired. It also outlines the practices that require authorization and how to request them.

●       Processes for logging in to the member portal through a YouTube video.

●       Processes and necessary documents for making health insurance payments and/or restoring service.

●       Recruitment form for potential interested parties through the referral program.

●       Refunds: It tells them about the complete process, including the documents needed for doing this.

●       App: It tells them about the entire process of using the app through a YouTube video.

To promote the audience’s adoption of these automatic channels, the Sipssa team carried out email marketing campaigns with a database of more than 30,000 members. It was also promoted through social networks, YouTube tutorial videos, app notifications, in-branch flyers, and IVR with their 0-800 number inviting customers to use the bot.

“The instant information and customer service with this value proposition ensures that members are content and supported, and that each case is registered and measured. This reduced the withdrawal intentions we had,” | Andrea Salgado, Sipssa Marketing Coordinator.

Immediacy and 24/7 availability as strategy pillars

As a health care service, immediacy and 24/7 availability are key aspects, especially when it comes to emergency situations. The system’s agility to respond and provide valuable information can even save a life.

In this sense, Sipssi has specific responses to different messages from customers who are going through emergency situations. It can assist them at any time, any day of the week, 100% immediately and through WhatsApp, which is usually a channel that all customers have available. 

Outcome: unlimited growth

Sipssi currently resolves an average of 10K inquiries per month, in 3:57’ average service time and with 87% average efficiency. Also, as mentioned above, 90% of these inquiries are automated through WhatsApp, proving the leading role this channel plays in Sipssa's strategy.

Thanks to this technology’s scalability, they increased their automated inquiries by 80% with no extra effort from Q4 2021 to Q2 2022, showing their audience’s wide adoption of this technology.

Also, they’re able to generate 15% of leads organically and at no additional cost through the bot, boosting their commercial strategy to attract new members. “We weren’t expecting to receive new leads through the bot. It’s something that happened in practice and due to potential members’ needs. The convenience, practicality and immediacy of filling out a form through a chat made it an additional data source,” explains Andrea Salgado, Sipssa's Marketing Coordinator.

Moving forward: proactive notifications and integrations

Sipssa is currently working on implementing Engage, Aivo's solution for sending proactive notifications via WhatsApp. Its goal is to launch automatic campaigns through this channel with segmented bases of current, former and future members.

They’re also working on integrations that’ll allow the bot to be even more responsive, such as invoice delivery, ID validation and authorizations 100% through Sipssi.

About Sipssa

Sipssa is a specialized health care company that manages medical and health care services with the goal of satisfying its members’ needs and expectations through a team of highly qualified professionals.

It currently has more than 35,000 members, 400 health care providers, and 6 branches in Cordoba, Argentina.